Internal vs. external motivators

Posted on January 18 2019

Internal vs. external motivators | FitCord Resistance Bands

When facing the hard challenges that changing your lifestyle brings, it's much more beneficial to tap into those things that drive us from the inside like feeling good, being more at peace, and living more vibrantly. External motivators such as looking like someone else, being able to wear a certain pair of jeans, or trying to make someone jealous with your newfound body are fleeting motivators. 

Internally driven people have the ability to feel good about their efforts toward a goal and believe in themselves when others may not see that what they are doing is worthwhile. They derive satisfaction from completing a task and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. When this person starts a new workout routine or healthier eating habits it's because they want the satisfaction and accomplished feeling that comes with it. Internal motivation is more likely to lead to persistence in reaching a goal.

On the other hand, externally driven people look for validation outside of themselves, continually seeking approval from others. This person usually ends up valuing their healthy accomplishments only when someone else acknowledges that they have done well. This can be detrimental, because when no one rewards that person with accolades, the potential to fall off the health and fitness wagon skyrockets. 

Having a healthy balance of both motivators proves beneficial. It's human nature to enjoy recognition and compliments when you have worked hard, but that shouldn't be the only reason you keep going. Personal satisfaction is more rewarding in the long run, and will lead to long term lifestyle changes. 

Tap into your inner motivators and you will go so much further than grasping for the exterior rewards.

By Olivia Garrett


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