Which FitCord Resistance Level is right for you?

Posted on December 28 2018

Which FitCord Resistance Level is right for you?-FitCord Resistance Bands

The most asked question we get at FitCord.com is "which resistance band is best for me?" There's not a one size fits all answer to this question, but we can definitely point you in the right direction. We have 7 different, color-coded, resistance bands ranging from Ultra Light to Ultra Heavy. In choosing your band, you'll first want to assess what your goals are. A customer who needs a therapeutic band is going to want a different resistance as someone who is looking to build muscle mass.  Enjoy a total body workout, and optimize your results by using a variety of our bands. Here is a quick guide to deciding which FitCord Resistance Band is right for you.

  • Recommended for youth, seniors, and therapeutic needs. Very stretchy and takes less effort to pull against.  

    • Most popular! A higher level of tension and harder to stretch. Great for smaller muscle groups, and lighter leg training. 

      • Best for building muscle mass and strength. Creates the most resistance. Stiffer and doesn't provide as much stretch. Works great for larger muscles groups.




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