Which FitCord Resistance Band is right for you?

With so many styles of bands to choose from today, how do you know which one to buy? We have more than 1 style of band so everyone can have a safe experience no matter what their needs are, but how would you go about choosing one? We will dive deeper into each style of band we offer and provide you with insight that will help you choose the style of band no matter if you buy FitCord Brand or not.
Which FitCord Resistance Band is right for you? | FitCord Resistance Bands

We offer a wide variety of FitCord Resistance Bands to help you achieve your goals, and we know it can be intimidating trying to decide which products are best for your fitness needs. Listed below are our most popular bands, their function, and how they may benefit you.

FitCord Resistance Bands: Our most versatile band for a total body workout yielding powerful results. Their portability provides easy storage, and also allows you to workout no matter where you go. 

X-Over Bands: Fantastic for fitness programs, physical therapy and injury rehab. Single or double band use. Can be crisscrossed for routine variety. Great for developing upper body strength and core stability needed to prevent injury often associated with rigorous fitness programs. Aids in healing rotator cuff injuries by strengthening the shoulders and surrounding muscles.

Stackable Resistance Bands: Allows you to quickly combine hundreds of lbs of resistance by adding different resistance levels to your workout. Assists in muscle optimization for those wanting to gain mass and strength. Available in complete kits.

Perfect Therapy Bands: Perfect for rehabing an injury. Provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, therefore improving strength, range of motion, and cooperation of muscle groups. Color-coding makes it easy to track your progress from one level to the next.

Yoga/Pilates Bands: Supplement your Yoga/Pilates workout for increased flexibility and strength. It attaches easily to wall anchors found in many yoga studios or can be used alone. Our hardware-free accessories are included: quiet handles and straps. Available in complete kits.

Varsity V-Band: Great for athletes in sports such as baseball, tennis, volleyball, softball, CrossFit and many more. Perfect for pre-game & post-game stretches. Also aids in increasing throwing velocity and range of motion.