Anchors give your band more versatility. You can increase the number of exercises you can execute simply by adding an anchor. Our anchors are made out of the same Heavy Duty Material we use on our bands, PLUS Industrial strength velcro (where applicable) and are sewn with the same secure stitches the bands are. We strive to provide the best and safest products. Our Anchors are no exception. 

Most of the Anchors we provide for FitCord are great for every band. There are exceptions though- 

Ultimate Door Anchor- Great for all FitCord Bands

X-Over Door Anchor Straps- Great for X-Over Bands and Body Sculpting Bands (only used with bands that have a clip) 

Door Hinge Anchors- Great for All FitCord Bands

FitCord Anchor Strap- Great for All FitCord Bands


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