FitCord Door anchor, in door anchor for resistance band workouts, exercise inside door accessories for tension exercise bands. This anchor is made from Custom Woven material to outlast all others. These anchors are designed to avoid damage do the door or frame, and is quickly set up and taken down.
FITCORD Resistance Band Door Anchor
**FitCord Door Anchors will be Gray temporarily*** The FitCord Resistance Band Door Anchor securely installs within the hinge of any door. Open the door, slide in the Door Anchor and then close the door, it's that simple! It's the perfect addition for adding a wide array of routines to your workout. Click here to download installation instructions.  
Sculpting Band Door Anchors-FitCord Resistance Bands
FITCORD Resistance Band Hinge Door Anchors (Set of 3)
The Sculpting Band Door Anchor easily loops around door hinges and doorknobs for a secure hold. Clip the end of the resistance band on the door anchor attachment and begin your workout. For more exercise accessories, check out our X-Over door workout straps!
Single Hinge Door Anchor best resistance bands made in USA and covered for safety - FitCord Resistance Bands
FITCORD Resistance Band Single Hinge Door Anchor
The single hinge door anchor easily loops around door hinges and doorknobs for a secure hold. Clip the end of the band door anchor on the ring and begin your workout.  
X-Over Door Anchor - Set of 2
X-OVER X-Over Door Anchor - Set of 2
These Heavy-Duty Door Anchors are designed for X-Over Resistance bands with Attachment for FitCord Resistance Bands as well. The custom-woven webbing is designed to protect your door from damage, yet be strong enough to anchor any resistance bands you use for door workouts. Because the X-Over Resistance bands are short bands that form an X by crossing over each other to work the upper body, the D-Rings are 1 inch wide, making them perfect to clip your exercise band to, however, would not be large enough to put handles or the band its self though. The additional Clip & Ring Set that comes with this anchor is perfect for anchoring your long bands with handles as well.  X-Over Door Anchor Workout Straps are designed for the average interior door and are NOT recommended for exterior doors at all. If you have a door wider than 36" or more narrow than 28", please contact us directly so we can discuss customizing a set of exercise anchor straps for doors.
Power Rack Anchors - Set of 4-FitCord Resistance Bands
FITCORD Power Rack Anchors for Resistance Bands - Set of 4
Use Power Rack Anchors to securely anchor resistance bands to any power rack or solid stationary object. These unique anchors are designed to be used with a power rack (squat rack) for any style of resistance band. The D-Ring assures easy connection with workout bands that have clips without causing any damage to the band or the rack system. Because these heavy duty Power Rack Anchors are flat but strong, you leave these on your rack system for ease of transition from lifting to strength training. Sold in Sets of 4.