FitCord Resistance Bands- FULL SET (All Resistance Levels)

FitCord Resistance Bands Full Set (ALL Resistance Levels)
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FitCord FULL Set includes one of each resistance level Covered Resistance Tubes with a handle on each side. These bands have a 4ft safety sleeve covered resistance tube with a padded handle on each side. 
All FitCord bands are made here in Gulf Shores, Alabama! We are a family-owned and operated American Company, and proud to provide you a high-quality product made here in the USA.


1 ULTRA LIGHT (3lbs) Resistance Band

1 VERY LIGHT (7lbs) Resistance Band

1 LIGHT (12lbs) Resistance Band

1 MEDIUM (18lbs) Resistance Band

1 HEAVY  (25lbs) Resistance Band

1 VERY HEAVY (40lbs) Resistance Band

1 ULTRA HEAVY (55lbs) Resistance Band

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