Limited Edition FitCord Resistance Band- 12lb PINK (Breast Cancer Awareness) best resistance bands made in USA and covered for safety - FitCord Resistance Bands
FitCord Resistance Bands Limited Edition FitCord Resistance Band- 12lb PINK (Breast Cancer Awareness)
Introducing a Limited Edition Pink Light Resistance FitCord.  Our limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness FitCord is made of the same quality materials as all other FitCord products, including padded handles, safety sleeve technology, and is made right here in America.  We wanted to offer a special Pink handled Resistance band at a light 12-pound tension level for all those awesome women who work out to keep their bodies healthy, the women who are currently fighting breast cancer, those who know and love someone who is currently fighting the battle and especially in memory of all those awesome women whom we have lost to this terrible disease.   You can ONLY purchase this Limited Edition Band during the month of October, however, you can use it all year, keeping this fight in our mind and hearts. We don't miss the women we have lost to this Cancer just during October, we should honor them every day, and this is our way of doing that.  Order your Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Resistance Band today, Before they are Gone.
Pink resistance bands in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.
X-OVER BANDS Limited Edition X-Over - PINK (Light)
This Pink version of our 12lb Light X-Over Resistance Band is exactly like our green version, except it has pink handles to support Breast Cancer Awareness. This makes a perfect statement in the gym, Crossfit Box, or Exercise Class.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we couldn't let it pass by without showing our support. We are doing that by providing you with a healthy way to show your support as well.  This is for all the people who have lost a loved one to Breast Cancer, the strong women fighting it today, those who lost the battle, and those who overcame it. We want to show our support, offer our sympathy to those who have suffered, and promote a healthy way to bring awareness to this devastating illness.  This Lightweight shoulder and arm exercise band is great for women since it only has 12lbs of resistance, but men can also use it for rehab, warm-up or to reduce shoulder pain.