Padded Power Belt best resistance bands made in USA and covered for safety - FitCord Resistance Bands
Padded Power Fitness Belt
$32.50 $40.00
Versatile Padded Fitness Belt. This high-quality belt is adjustable and includes 2 anchor points to connect resistance bands. Buy one belt for MULTIPLE uses within your fitness routine.
FitCord Fitness Belt - FitCord Resistance Bands Rocket Bungee Waist Belt-FitCord Resistance Bands
Resistance Exercise Belt
$15.00 $20.00
The Fitness Belt is the perfect companion accessory for Rocket Bungees. Made with 2-inch wide Polypropylene webbing, this waist resistance band belt is adjustable and secured with a double D-ring. The floating O-ring gives you 360 degrees of motion which gives you the freedom to cut, swerve, and turn during training. Made in the USA. Rocket Bungees sold separately  FEATURES Adjustable and secure Floating O-ring for 360 training Made in the USA