4 Ft American Made Stackable Resistance Exercise Bands for Full-Body Sculpting. Covered for Safety. Heavy Duty Clip on Both Ends. The Covered resistance band portion of this cord is manufactured us here in Gulf  Shores, Alabama using our U.S. Patented design. 

Body sculpting bands are great for anyone to use, because you can change handles and stack them for more control over the resistance levels. These versatile sculpt resistance bands come in 7 different resistance levels ranging from 3lbs to 55lbs and you can stack up to 5 bands on the attachments at a time.

These Full-Body Sculpting Bands are used for Pilates, Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, General Fitness, Yoga,  HIIT, Pre- Workout Warm-Up and so much more. 

We offer many accessories for our sculpt resistance bands, such as heavy duty plastic handles, straps, cuffs and more, but we do not restrict you to OUR products. You can use the attachments you already have, just be advised we cant guarantee the quality and durability of other brands, nor can we assure you can stack up to 5 bands on their products. Using other brands attachments could limit the versatility of our sculpt resistance bands



** Attachments sold separately, or in our Gym Bundles