Body Sculpting Bands

Welcome to FitCord Body Sculpting Bands! Our Body sculpting bands are unique in that they are so versatile. The ends are designed to be interchangeable with multiple different fittings so you can use one band to workout your entire body. Our Body Sculpting Bands are also designed to stack. This means if you are using a 40lb resistance band and change the handles out for ankle cuffs, you can also add a 25lb cord and have a 55lb resistance to work out your legs. As you develop and need more resistance, you just add more cords to the wrap. No need in purchasing higher resistance cords when you need higher than our 55lb resistance, just add one of the lower resistance cords. You can buy them one at a time, in sets of 2-6 or in a full system.  

** Attachments sold separately, or in our Gym Bundles


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