FitCord is the Safest Exercise Resistance Band with Handles on the market today. We own the U.S. patent to our safety design, have the Safety Sleeve Custom woven here in the U.S., we sew the padded handles on to the band using a more secure stitch than imports and use a High Quality webbing for the handles. Even our padded handles have industrial strength plastic under the padding to prevent it from breaking during resistance work. There is not one place on this design where corners are cut to sacrifice safety. That is what makes FitCord professional fitness products superior to all others.

FitCord Resistance Bands are the Original Covered Resistance Band introduced to the Fitness World. For many years our professional fitness products were only offered to professionals, colleges, training facilities and gyms, now we offer the same professional resistance bands to the public with the same professional quality as commercial facilities.

4ft Resistance Bands
Attached Handles
Stretches 4x its length
6ft Cords offered for anyone over 6'3" 

Uses: General Fitness, Squats, Lunges, tricep extensions, bicep curls and extensions, Chest press, Chest fly, back fly, lateral pull, shoulder press, lower back pull, lateral extensions, overhead press, and so much more