The Best Resistance Band for Latex Allergies

Have a latex allergy? No problem! Our resistance bands are covered in a cloth Safety Sleeve, so no latex comes in contact with your skin, and if the resistance band does break, the tube remains inside of the Safety Sleeve. Exercise safely and with confidence.

Durable, American-Made Bands

According to independent lab tests, FitCord Resistance Bands last over 150,000 repetitions. Additionally, the Safety Sleeve protects the tubing from harmful UV rays that deteriorate the competition's and increase the likelihood of your band breaking while you're exercising. Talk about American-Made quality!

Workout At Home Or On the Go

FitCords are perfect for home use and are lightweight enough to take anywhere. Get an affordable home gym that's versatile enough to go wherever you are.

Love it!

It's a great product--the second one I bought, and the next step up from the first one. If my strength increases as it did with the first one, I may go up another step. The band supplements the weights I use and seems to address muscles in a different way. Band is not flimsy and arrives quickly. Worth purchasing!

Love my FitCord!!

Great workouts with my FitCord! I do not have to worry about it snapping. I love the material on the outside of the tubing! Thanks FitCord!!

... I leave few reviews

It defeats the purpose, but I leave few reviews. From a business owners perspective, I should be leaving reviews, good or bad, for everything, because that’s what I think I want. However, the reality of it is that I do NOT want to waste my time on my device “reviewing”. Instead, I review only the produces/services that are in my top 3%. This is FitCord, above and beyond its competition. Their timers are second-to-none and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

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