Welcome to Rocket Bungee Cords! 
We have been making these resistance bungee cords for years for athletes and with the increasing popularity of box gyms and extreme fitness, we wanted to offer this awesome gear to those athletes as well. These Rocket Bungee Cords for speed training are designed to improve your endurance by adding resistance to your routine and building thigh and leg muscles. Adding these resistance bungee cords to your box exercise routine will build the muscles you need for support when dead lifting, jumping, lunging, weight lifting, and all of the other extreme exercises you do to take your body to the next level. A solid base is key and that is exactly what these bungee workout cords are designed to do, give you a more stable base so you can continue to build with less chance of injury. And who doesn't need more speed and endurance training? Shop our exercise bungee cords for speed training today!

** Cords Expand 4:1- (a 4 ft cord is at is max at 16ft) **