The Safest Exercise Bands

FitCord Exercise Bands are Made in America and combine traditional latex tubing in many exercise and resistance bands, but cover it with our fabric Safety Sleeve. This shields the tube from harmful UV rays, prevents the tubing from rubbing against your skin, and in case of breakage, the tube remains inside the Safety Sleeve, protecting you from injury. FitCord Exercise Bands are Independent Lab Tested to last over 150,000 reps.

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General Fitness

X-Over Resistance Bands give you the choice to take a full-body workout no matter where you go. Target your shoulders, rotator cuffs, and upper body muscles with precision. Use for general fitness, physical therapy, and sports training.

The Home Gym of Your Dreams

The X-Over Ultimate Door Anchor System will turn your door into the ultimate workout system. Quick and easy to install, whether at home or on the go! Industrial strength velcro stays secure and tight. Fits most doors between 28" and 44".