FitCord Resistance Bands Mean Safety

An uncovered resistance band compared to a FitCord Resistance Band with Safety Sleeve Technology

3 Simple Reasons Why Our Resistance Bands Are the Best

1. Exercise with confidence. If the resistance band breaks, the tube remains inside the Safety Sleeve, thereby protecting the user from injury.

2. Have a latex allergy? No problem! Our bands are covered in a cloth Safety Sleeve, so no latex comes in contact with your skin.

3. Our Safety Sleeve shields the latex tube from harmful UV rays that weaken it and increase the risk of the resistance band snapping while in use.

FitCord: Safe, Long Lasting, and Made in America.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every FitCord product includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Details are as follows:

If any band or hardware snaps, breaks or fails in the first 90 days we will repair or replace it Free of charge*

After 90 Days we will repair or replace any failed or worn out component for only $5.95 plus shipping charges.

*Free replacements do not apply to bands being used for commercial purposes or bands that have been abused, misused or wrapped around a stationary object after 60 days.

12 lbs FitCord Resistance Band - Light-All Products-FitCord Resistance Bands

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3 lbs FitCord Resistance Band - Ultra Light-All Products-FitCord Resistance Bands

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