FitCord Resistance Bands 2-Pack (25lb/40lb)


FitCord Resistance Bands 2-Pack (25lb/40lb)

Product description

Set of 2 Workout Bands Made in America and Covered for Safety (Heavy & Very Heavy)



All FitCord Resistance Bands are 4ft in length (band portion only)

For Advanced Fitness Level

FitCord bands are high-quality resistance bands designed with your safety in mind. We cover the rubber tubing to preserve the integrity of the band for a longer lifespan and protection for you if the band breaks. We manufacture the bands here in the USA and use the highest quality materials so you get the highest quality product for about 40% less than other resistance bands of its kind. The covered bands are latex allergen-free since there is no contact with the band at all. This band is designed to be very versatile and can be used in over 100 exercises. 


  • Heavy (25lb) FitCord Resistance Band
  • Very Heavy (40lb) FitCord Resistance Band

American Made Resistance Bands are exercise bands safe

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jeffery Noviello
    Fantastic stuff.

    I love these and use them everyday. Whether it’s before strength training or heading out for a run or going surfing. Love them!!!

    Thank you for the great review Jeffery!
    We are so happy you love the bands.

    Eric F
    Staying Fit During a Pandemic

    This is my second purchase of FitCord Resistance Bands. I purchased the 18 lb. resistance for working out the smaller muscles of the arm and shoulder. I have been doing 120 reps with 6 Kg dumbbells but decided I needed to add some heavier lifting. The 25 and 40 lb FitCord bands have been great for doing curls. I especially appreciate the safety aspect, as I once had a different brand snap and send the handle flying at me.

    Thank you so much for the Review Eric!
    We are so happy to have you as a life long customer.

    adam brown
    Excellent product

    I’m very happy with these bands. They are high quality and worth the money.

    Adam, thank you for the review.

    Joe Hajik II

    great product... well constructed

    forest haven

    These are fantastic. Very well made and very safe. The medium is right for me now, so it is nice to have the strong one for later on when I get stronger. Highly recommend! The cheap ones that come with some of the exercise games for the Wii are highly dangerous...I had one of those snap in two while I was using it and it really hurt and left quite a mark on my arm.)