LONG FitCord Resistance Band- 6ft Ultra Light (3lb)


LONG FitCord Resistance Band- 6ft Ultra Light (3lb)

Product description

Extra Long "Ultra Light" Covered Resistance Band with Handles (3lb)

This Ultra-Light Resistance Band is designed for anyone over 6' 3"
For Rehab or Beginner Fitness Level


This FitCord Ultra-Light resistance band is designed with your safety in mind. We cover the rubber tubing to preserve the integrity of the band for a longer lifespan and protection for you if the band breaks. This extra-strong resistance band is manufactured here in the USA and is made of the highest quality materials so you get the highest quality product for about 40% less than other resistance bands of its kind. The covered bands are latex allergen-free since there is no contact with the extra-heavy resistance band at all. This extra-strong resistance band is designed to be very versatile and can be used in over 100 exercises. 

    • General Fitness
    • Strength Training 
    • Core Training
    • Pilates
    • Yoga
    • Build 6-Pack
    • Lose Weight 
    • Build Muscle
    • Tone Your Body
    • Hiit Training

    and much more... 


American Made Resistance Bands are exercise bands safe