X-Over 2 Pack Door System

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  • 1 - Very Light X-Over Band - 7lbs - Orange
  • 1 - Light X-over Band - 12lbs - Green
  • X-Over Door Anchors (Set of 2)
  • Drawstring Backpack


  • Fits any most standard size door (28"-44"), installs in minutes!
  • Covered with Safety Sleeve Technology™
    • No more getting slapped by broken bands
    • Latex Allergy Safe. Never come in direct contact with the rubber.
    • Protects the band from daily abuse
  • Rated to last over 150,000 repetitions in independent lab tests
  • Pro-Grade Carabiners & Plastic Handles
  • Made proudly in the USA


The X-Over Resistance Bands are made in the USA with unmatched attention to detail & quality. Every band is covered with Safety Sleeve Technology™ and is rated to last over 150,000 repetitions. X-Overs can be used as a stand-alone workout system either at home, on the field, or in the weight room. X-Over Bands can be used with multiple programs. Made with hard plastic handles.

X-Over Door Anchors are designed to turn your door into the ultimate workout system without the huge footprint or cost.

  • Easy Setup - Attach to door & start working out in minutes!
  • Fits most doors between 28" - 44"
  • Industrial Strength Velcro stays secure and stays tight
  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 90.5"