X-Over Resistance Bands 2-Pack (25lb/40lb)


X-Over Resistance Bands 2-Pack (25lb/40lb)

Product description

Arm, Shoulder, Back and Core Crossover Bands

X-Over Reistance Bands for Arm and Shoulder building- Compare to Crossover Symmetry for building strong shoulders in Crossfit and p90x

X Bands Made in America. X-Over Bands are designed specifically for Shoulder and Arm Care. The unique cross-over style of resistance is designed for working the smaller muscles to increase the stability of your Rotator Cuff and the smaller muscles that create stability around your shoulders, scapula, and arms. The support that this particular type of band and exercises provide allows you to function better with any and all activities you do that include your upper body. No matter if you are into Extreme fitness such as Box Gyms, Weight Lifting, or bodybuilding, or you simply want to define your shoulders in your bodybuilding efforts, these bands will expedite the results. If you are experiencing shoulder injury during activities, these bands are your solution as well. By building the smaller supportive muscles, you can push your shoulders hard, lift more weight, do more pulls ups, or whatever your EXTREME exercise is. This set of bands will help you push harder and go further with less risk of a shoulder injury and define your upper body at the same time!

**Ultimate Door Anchor (shown in image) is sold separately**


  • Heavy (25lbs) X-Over Bands 1 Pair
  • Ultra Heavy (55lbs) X-Over Bands 1 Pair

    Works with Crossover Symmetry Systems but better quality bands made in the USA.

    Arm and shoulder crossover X style resistance bands made in the usa and covered for safety

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Noah Huyler
      Amazing product

      Disclaimer, I have only had them for a week so can’t speak on the bands long term integrity. However, my first impression was amazing. The resistance and build quality is like nothing I have ever seen before when it comes to “work out bands” and I have gone through many other sets by different companies since covid has began. The price for two bands originally seems very high compared to other options on Amazon. Now having the bands and comparing them to other products with much cheaper price tags fit cords price is certainly warranted. I will and have recommended these to anyone who is a work out enthusiast.

      Thank you so much for the review Noah!

      Timothy J Sheehan III
      Good stuff!!!

      I recently received the two pack of X-over bands, and they are good quality, quickly shipped, and are great for my workouts. Will purchase more soon!

      We are so happy you love our product and we look forward to doing more business with you! Our bands have been tested by a third party laboratory and last more than 150,000 pulls, so this band should last a long time. We have so many other products made the say way, you should check those out as well.

      Sharon E. Robinette
      Covered bands.

      Great product. Good tension. Came on time.