X-Over Cable Crossover Style Band Rack Home Gym- Athlete


X-Over Cable Crossover Style Band Rack Home Gym- Athlete

Product description

Workout at home with SAFE American Made Products

X-Over Reistance Bands for Arm and Shoulder building- Compare to Crossover Symmetry for building strong shoulders in Crossfit and p90x

X Bands Made in America. X-Over Bands are designed specifically for Shoulder and Arm Care. They come in a set of 2 bands, each measures 30" in length with a smooth plastic handle on one end and a heavy-duty carabiner on the other. The unique cross-over style of resistance is designed for working the smaller muscles to increase the stability of your Rotator Cuff and the smaller muscles that create stability around your shoulders, scapula, and arms. The support that this particular type of band and exercises provide allows you to function better with any and all activities you do that include your upper body. No matter if you are into Extreme fitness such as Box Gyms, Weight Lifting, or bodybuilding, or you simply want to define your shoulders in your bodybuilding efforts, these bands will expedite the results. If you are experiencing shoulder injury during activities, these bands are your solution as well. By building the smaller supportive muscles, you can push your shoulders hard, lift more weight, do more pulls ups, or whatever your EXTREME exercise is. This set of bands will help you push harder and go further with less risk of a shoulder injury and define your upper body at the same time!

Full X-Over Home System. This Rack Home Gym Package includes 5 Pairs of X-Over bands with a resistance level varying from 7lbs to 55lbs of resistance. This Home Gym is the perfect addition t your at-home workout or rehabilitation. Not only does it give you the ability to increase resistance as you build muscle, but with all the resistance levels and anchor points, more than one person can use the system. While X-Over bands were created Shoulder and Arm resistance, you can use them to do other exercises as well. This system gives you the most for your hard-earned money!


  • 7lb Very Light X-Over Band Set
  • 12lb Light X-Over Band Set
  • 18lb Medium X-Over Band Set
  • 25lb Heavy X-Over Band Set
  • 40lb Very Heavy X-Over Band Set
  • 4 Power Rack Anchors
  • 2 Ring Clips
Arm and shoulder crossover X style resistance bands made in the usa and covered for safety

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    A. Lee
    The missing link....

    Probably the most overlooked, underrated and under-utilized equipment in any gym. If you don't have them, get them and learn how to use them. Solid product that is made in America. Glad to buy American and support American business, employees and their families.

    Thank you A. Lee. We appreciate you sharing such a great review. Resistance Bands are really easier on your body and give faster results than weights in most cases.
    Thank you for the review.

    High quality resistance bands

    Not to geek out on resistance bands but these are legit, the resistance stays consistent through the ROM and there’s added comfort knowing in the back of your mind if that thing snaps your not going to be tied to the whipping post if ya know what I mean. Very Well Made!

    The only suggestion is pay attention what bands your getting , I purchased the XOver and they only have one carabiner so you cannot compound the bands, if you want that functionality make sure you order the bands with clips on both ends like I wish I had.

    Thank you for the review Rob!

    Make sure you are signed up for our emails. We have several Email Subscriber Only sales that go out throughout the year, and I am sure you will find a great time to purchase your Body Sculpting Bands.

    Adam Vogel
    The Best

    By far the best. Exceptional quality and durability.

    Thank you for the review Adam!
    We try to put out the best quality we can and when our customers are happy with the product they receive it is the highest compliment we can get, so thank you for the feedback.

    Levi Kirk
    amazing product

    Our gym members love the new addition for strength and mobility. Great product; I would def recommend!

    Thank you for taking time to leave this review Levi.
    We are so happy your clients are using our bands and love them.