X-Over Resistance Band- Single Pair (40lb)

$37.00 $40.00 -8% OFF

X-Over Resistance Band- Single Pair (40lb)

$37.00 $40.00 -8% OFF
Product description

Arm, Shoulder, Back and Core Crossover (Xbands) Bands

X-Over Resistance Bands for Arm and Shoulder building- Compare to Crossover Symmetry for building strong shoulders in Crossfit and p90x

X Bands Made in America. X-Over Bands are designed specifically for core exercises and shoulder and arm care. The unique cross over style of resistance is designed for working the smaller muscles to increase the stability of your Rotator Cuff and the smaller muscles that create stability around your shoulders, scapula, and arms. The support that this particular type of band and exercises provide allow you to function better with any and all activities you do that include your upper body. No matter if you are into Extreme fitness such as Box Gyms, Weight Lifting, or bodybuilding, or you simply want to define your shoulders in your bodybuilding efforts, these bands will expedite the results. If you are experiencing shoulder injury during activities, these core exercise bands are your solution as well.  By building the smaller supportive muscles, you can push your shoulders hard, lift more weight, do more pulls ups, or whatever your EXTREME exercise is. This set of core exercise bands will help you push harder and go further with less risk of a shoulder injury and define your upper body at the same time!

**Ultimate Door Anchor (shown in image) is sold separately**


  • Very Heavy (40lbs) X-Over Bands 1 Pair
Arm and shoulder crossover X style resistance bands made in the usa and covered for safety

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Richard Schoenberger
    Durable cords!

    I have had 2 of the lighter resistance bands for a couple of years, and they have held up wonderfully despite being used 2X per week. When it was time to get some 40lb cords I knew which brand I wanted.

    Awesome! Thank you for the review Richard.
    We have seen an average lifespan of 5 years or more with our bands, so those should be good for a few more years, if not more.
    We look forward to your 40lb band order. Keep up the good work on your workout schedule, you will get there in no time.

    Douglas Thomas
    Good Bands

    I like these bands. I don't know if they are actually at what the weight resistance that they are rated. I do know that they have more resistance than my lighter rated bands and less than my heavier rated bands. That's close enough for me. There are other bands out there that do cost more money and have a handle on them that I like better. I actually bought some of the competitor's bands. For what I paid for Fit Cord bands, I will for now on buy bands from Fit Cord. I would like to see Fit Cord band handles being made differently (not just like a piece of pvc pipe stuck on the strap), but I will purchase from Fit Cord any time I need more equipment.

    Thank you very much for leaving a review Douglas.
    We appreciate your feedback on the handles and will forward that to our R&D department. I personally haven't seen this style of bands with different handles than the ones we use, but I would be interested to hear more about them.
    We appreciate all feedback on our products.

    Karen Kaminsky
    Fit Cord Happiness

    I have now purchased 4 bands from you guys and will continue to! Two sets live in my truck for an outdoor exercise class and the heavier guys stay home with me. The quality of your products are the best I have encountered - built to last. I will (yay) start travelling and camping and your bands will go along. I am a happy customer - thank you!

    Thank you so much for the review Karen. How exciting to be back to traveling. I am glad our FitCord are gonna get to go on trips with you.


    great product might buy some bands.

    Great to hear Benito. Thank you for the review.

    jeff yanez

    Great !!

    Thanks Jeff!