Personal Trainer's Secret Exposed

More Personal Trainers Use this Brand of Resistance Bands than any other on the market. Here is why-


Personal Trainer's Secret Exposed

Personal Trainer’s Secret Exposed


What’s the secret to a safe, effective workout? Successful personal trainers across the country are incorporating FitCord Resistance Bands into their sessions, and clients are seeing results!


Of course, using resistance bands in your workouts takes them to the next level because they work the muscle in both directions, which improves its overall function and strength. That leads to increased metabolism and greater caloric burn.


The market is flooded with MANY different resistance bands, but FitCord Resistance Bands specifically are different from other similar products on the market in very significant ways.


American Made


All FitCord Resistance Bands products are made right here in the USA using only the highest quality materials. Founded in Gulf Shores, Ala., FitCord is a family-owned business with no intentions of taking manufacturing operations abroad.


Safe for Clients to Use


FitCord Resistance Bands are safe for clients to use because they feature patented Safety-Sleeve Technology, which also extends the life of the rubber tube inside the band. More than 25 years ago, FitCord covered bands to protect users from injuries that can be caused by broken “naked” resistance bands. The result is still an effective workout with a product that lasts much longer than similar products imported from other countries.


Our Safety-Sleeve Technology not only protects from injury, but offers users with latex allergies a safe workout as well. The sleeve keeps the high performance latex from touching the skin, so it’s possible to use without coming in contact with the latex tubing inside.


Safety-Sleeve Technology also contributes to the durability of the band by protecting the tubing from nick, abrasions and UV rays, which can rapidly deteriorate the latex in surgical tubing.


Accurate Resistance


The key to a resistance band’s effectiveness is the resistance it provides. But sometimes what’s advertised on popular e-commerce websites and what you actually get isn’t accurate. FitCord Resistance Bands are rigorously tested to determine resistance, which are available in seven different levels, as well as custom resistance on request. FitCord offers the only resistance bands that have undergone independent laboratory testing to provide more than 150,000 pulls before failing.


Lifetime Warranty


All FitCord products include a Limited Lifetime Warranty that offers repair or replacement of items that snap, break or fail within the first 90 days. After 90 days, failed or worn-out components can be repaired or replaced for $5.95 plus shipping charges to FitCord. Free replacements don’t apply to bands being used for commercial purposes or bands misused or abused.


Sweat Resistant & Washable


FitCord Resistance Bands featuring webbing and foam on the handles that are custom-made, yet they are safe to be disinfected or washed without causing damage. Take care to allow them to fully air dry before putting them away and to avoid storing them in wet areas to prevent dry rot.


Four Band Styles


FitCord offers four different resistance band styles to support multiple applications and outcomes. Body sculpting bands offer various levels of challenge to progress as the user does. FitCord bands can be used on their own or with an anchor to provide more stability. X-Over bands specifically target shoulder, back and scapula building, which can be used for fitness or rehabilitation purposes. Finally, Perfect Therapy bands are designed for physical therapy with two large loops instead of handles, making them accessible for people with weak grips.




For the quality and features you get with FitCord Resistance Bands, the product is affordable. Often the difference between the Safety-Sleeve Technology and uncovered resistance bands is nominal, but in some cases even less! Again, there are many grades of latex tubing and many manufacturers offering resistance bands that it’s overwhelming at times.


FitCord Resistance Bands take the guesswork out of deciding which is the best option. Personal trainers, fitness studios and gyms count on the safety, durability and quality of FitCord products to help support their clients in getting the results they want.