X-Over Bands

For the Extreme Fitness Enthusiasts. A Safer Band to Take your work out to the next level. Our Extreme Fitness Products are designed to enhance your performance in the Gym, Box or at home by offering resistance bands that concentrate on the smaller supportive muscles needed to prevent injury and build a stronger support for the heavy workouts.

This collection of extreme upper body exercise bands is designed with the upper body in mind. No matter if you are warming up to avoid injury, reducing back or shoulder pain, or working on definition of shoulder, back, lats, chest or arms, this style of upper body workout bands is the most efficient.  The most popular of our upper body collection is our X-Over Bands. This set of extreme upper body exercise bands comes as a set of 2 with a handle on one end and clip on the other band. This design has been duplicated by other companies, but the quality of our upper body resistance bands can't be duplicated. This specific set of bands is designed to cross over each other and build the smaller supportive muscles in a way free weights cant, rubber band loop style bands are not versatile enough to reach, and resistance bands with handles are less efficient in building these smaller muscles. 

There are so many different exercises you can do with our extreme upper body workout bands, instead of free weights. Here are just a few. 

  • - Chest Press
  • - Overhead Press
  • - Push Press
  • - Bent Over Row
  • - Pull Up
  • - Curls
  • - Crossbody Curls
  • - Triceps Pushdown
  • - Tricep Extensions
  • - Lateral Rise
  • - Face Pull
  • - Pullover
  • - Lat Pulldown

If you are looking to progress your transformation faster, reduce joint pain, increase range of motion, reduce back pain, get more back/shoulder definition and you are not using our extreme upper body workout bands, you are being out performed by your peers.