It can be difficult to determine what level of resistance band weight you should purchase. Some need very beginner, others need expert, but where do you fall?

Ask these questions first: 

  • What is my current fitness level?
  • What will I use this product to do?
  • What is my fitness goal?

    We have provided ideas, suggestions and previous customer uses for each resistance level. This is NOT a guide, you have to take your own journey into consideration and use your judgement starting with the questions above, especially when buying resistance bands for beginners.

    Many Resistance Bands sold on popular e-commerce websites are falsely advertised and the resistance levels are inaccurate. Because Our bands are tested for accuracy before leaving our Facility, we know they are accurate to the stated resistance and this page is based on true accuracy of FitCord Bands. You are welcome to use this to determine what level you should buy from other companies, however in most cases you will find the resistance lighter than expected and you should take that into consideration as you choose. 


    Resistance Levels Broken Down further for you below.

    Be Advised FitCord will not be held liable for choices made by suggestions on this page, nor any result thereof. This page is ONLY suggestions to assist you in choosing your personal needs. 


    We have a small blog post with a breakdown of resistance band color strength levels.

    Ultra Light 3 lbs of resistance

    Beginners and Rehabilitation

    Beginners are considered people who are just starting their fitness journey, who have limited mobility, are in rehab, or those who are not active on a daily basis at all.

    Most find this level of resistance briefly needed, or continue to begin their exercise routine with this low level of resistance for warming their muscles up before strength building exercises to avoid injury or increase mobility for better flexibility during a workout.

    Often used for increasing general mobility, strengthening weak muscles, warming up before exercise, increase blood flow for those who are unable to move, rehabilitation on back, arms, and legs.

    Very Light 7 Pounds of Resistance

    Level 2 for Beginners and Rehabilitation

    A Level 2 Beginner is someone who is a bit active but is not actively exercising to build muscles, While Level 2 Rehabilitation is for someone who has leveled up beyond the first step in the rehab process, but before reaching the point of building muscle. (always consult your Physical Therapist before purchase)

    The Very light resistance bands is still a beginner level band and if you are quite active you will find this one a bit too light, however, if you do not have an active lifestyle and are just beginning a fitness journey, this is a great place to start, and once you level up it is always advised to use this band to warm the muscles up before a workout.

    FitCord Original Band- This band and level are used for full body workout and can be used by almost anyone in a fitness class such as Yoga, Pilates, Hiit Training and is used a great deal by Personal Trainers for beginners

    Body Sculpting Bands- This is a great weight to begin with for women who are just starting a resistance band workout. Men will find this band a little too light, but with these stackable bands, they become a great way to add more resistance as your journey continues.

    X-Over Bands- This resistance level is very popular in our upper body bands (X-Over) because they are designed to cross over each other, working the smaller muscles in the shoulders and upper back that other bands and weights never reach, so this is the perfect starting point for anyone who is beginner to intermediate fitness levels.

    Light 12 Pounds of Resistance

    Intermediate Resistance Level

    Light is the lower end of resistance in the intermediate or (medium fitness level) category. 12 Pounds of resistance is the perfect beginning level for active men and women. Even if you have been working out, but you have never used resistance bands, I would recommend this band. Intermediate fitness level is defined by someone who is active in their daily life. If you work in your yard, play any kind of sports, hike, jog, or you simply stay on the go doing chores around the house, this is a great starting point for you. It will help build muscles, improve muscle tone and make your muscles stronger.

    FitCord Original Band- The Light FitCord Bands are by far the most popular bands we sell. This makes a band for the active person. Because the FitCord Bands are 1 unit and have sewn in handles, this band is perfect for travel, Office, Workout Classes, and keeping in your gym bag. Many Crossfit Boxes, Gyms, and Fitness Classes order this band for their clients to use.

    Body Sculpting Bands- The Light Resistance is a MUST in these Stackable band sets. It is a true mid point for most people and is a great Resistance level to stack with other bands to give you mid-levels of resistance.

    X-Over Bands- Among all of the styles and resistance levels we offer, this band is the number 1 most purchased from our company month over month. This is because of the X-Over Bands unique design (crossing the bands over each other making an X) focuses on the smaller muscles in the shoulder such as the rotator cuff and strengthens it to reduce pain and avoid injury during sports, extreme workouts like crossfit, Hiit, Free Weights, and Bodybuilding. The Light X-Over Band is the perfect resistance for starting the process of building upper body strength and then for warm-up after. This resistance level is the one that many use to reduce shoulder pain, but you should consult your physician before purchasing to evaluate your progress/needs before using.

    Medium 18 Pounds of Resistance

    Intermediate Resistance Level 2

    Medium Resistance Level Bands are mid range for intermediate (or Medium) category. 18 pounds of resistance seems to be a great mid range for both men and women. For women it is a little more challenging, but if you are an active person who does some form of exercise, this is a perfect resistance for you, especially if you are just starting with resistance bands. Intermediate fitness level is defined by someone who is active in their every day life, and for this resistance band we recommend that your daily life include some form of exercise each day. 18lbs of resistance doesn't sound like much, but if you buy an exercise band (workout band) from, the resistance level will be accurate and you will find this level surprisingly effective no matter what workout or exercise style you are doing.

    FitCord Original Band- Our full body all-in-one band in the Medium Resistance Level is a huge seller amongst men, especially if they travel a lot, like to workout in the park or go to the gym more than 3 times a week. This is a great warm up band for men, and women love the way it tones their bodies. Because it has handles sewn in, this band is all you need to take with you, making it the most effective if you travel.

    Body Sculpting Band- Since our Body Sculpting Bands are stackable, this is often used as the beginning band for women. For Very Fit men, it is a great addition to the 55lb band for a challenge when 55lbs if no longer enough resistance (This is advanced fitness levels not intermediate)

    X-Over Bands- While most X-Over resistance bands are recommended for Rehabilitation, starting at this level we recommend you consult your Physical Therapist before using this resistance level. This band is often used for Bodybuilding, Crossfit Enthusiasts, Weight Lifting, and Hiit Training because it actively builds stronger small supporting muscles that strengthen the shoulders. This band will help you perform better, increase your lifting ability, and helps avoid shoulder injury during workout.

    Heavy 25 Pounds of Resistance

    Intermediate Resistance Level 3

    Heavy Resistance Bands are the heavy end of the Mid Range (Medium) or Intermediate Fitness Level. This is the go-to for men in the general fitness bands, but is advanced in the X-Over bands. Women who are very fit also choose this band as an intermediate. If you actively go to the gym or participate in Fitness Classes such as Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates, PX90, or Hiit Training Class this is the perfect resistance for you. Having said that, many people work up to this level who are just every day fitness conscious individuals, and this would be one of the milestones you aim to hit. However, this page is for anyone who is wanting to know where to begin, and for most people who are busy and not actively exercising, this level is not recommended for that type of beginner.

    FitCord Original Bands- Typically this all in one band at a heavy resistance level is used by men who want to stay in shape, and women who are in great shape and want to tone or build muscles. This band is perfect for traveling or exercising outdoors and the ideal style of band for a fitness class, but is a challenge to most people.

    Body Sculpting Bands- Many men begin with this resistance level in this stackable band style because they can easily add a 3lb or 7lb band to the handles when they are ready to move up in resistance, without risking injury. Women who are quite fit will use just this band when advancing in resistance level. Bodybuilders and Extremely fit people will use this band plus our heavier levels at the same time for more control over the resistance levels as they build muscles.

    X-Over Bands- Because of the design of the X-Over bands and the fact they work the smaller muscles in the upper body that other exercises do not reach and are used a great deal for reducing pain in the shoulders, we do not recommend beginning any shoulder routine with this resistance level, unless you are extremely fit and have tested lighter resistance levels of X-Over and find them too light. This is considered AVANCED in the X-Over Resistance Bands.

    Very Heavy 40 Pounds of Resistance

    Advanced Resistance Level

    Our Advanced resistance levels are designed for a Very Fit User. These are usually Personal Trainers, Bodybuilders, Crossfit Enthusiasts, Crossfit Games Participants or those who are Extremely Fit.

    Our Very Heavy Bands are also great for anyone who is actively trying to build muscle, trying to increase their free weight lift ability, Define smaller muscles for appearance or bodybuilding competitions, or to increase strength in biceps, triceps, back, legs (Both Thigh and Calves) , shoulders, butt (booty) and so much more.

    This resistance level is not recommended for anyone who is not actively trying to build muscle, however if you are and are looking for a challenging band that wont cause joint pain like dumbbells' or weights can that works great for less reps with higher resistance level, this is the band for you. Also Very Fit Customers Use this band for Hiit training, however it is quite a challenge when you are doing fast reps that are required for most Hiit Training Styles.

    Ultra Heavy 55 Pounds of Resistance

    Our Highest resistance level is designed for the Extremely fit. The ideal customer for this band is someone who lifts heavy weights, is very fit and hits the gym for hours every day or each week. We often hear "it's only 55lbs of resistance" from those who lift 150lbs+ on a regular basis and each time they are surprised by the workout they get from this band. It will challenge you even if you fall in the highest level of fitness because it keeps the tension on pull and return. Many bodybuilders use this band to warm up or if they are experiencing joint pain from lifting free weights to maintain their muscle mass while avoiding weights. If you are in a medium or Mid Range and are wanting to increase your gains fast, this is the band for you.

    X-Over- Customers who purchase the X-Over Band Set in this resistance is typically looking to build the rotator cuff and all smaller supporting muscles to assist in lifting heavier free weights or for more definition since dead lifts work on the larger muscles and make it more difficult to get the definition of smaller muscles.

    Body Sculpting Bands- The stackable nature of the body sculpting bands give you great base when starting with this band. You can stack a smaller resistance level with this band to give you more resistance and challenge you more. If you need say 100lbs of resistance, this is a great base band.