What Resistance Level Should I Buy?

It can be difficult to determine what level of resistance band you should purchase. Some need very beginner, others need expert, but where do you fall? 

Ask these questions first: 

  • What is my current fitness level?
  • What will I use this product to do?
  • What is my fitness goal?

    We have provided ideas, suggestions and previous customer uses for each resistance level. This is NOT a guide, you have to take your own journey into consideration and use your judgement starting with the questions above. 

    Many Resistance Bands sold on popular e-commerce websites are falsely advertised to the actual amount of resistance they will actually provide in a safe manner. 

    Example: A Resistance Band Rated to provide 20 pounds of resistance only provides 11 pounds when stretched to a safe limit to avoid the band snapping. 

    FitCords are the only Resistance Bands that have been Independent Laboratory tested to provide over 150,000 pulls before failing.

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    FitCord will not be held liable for choices made by suggestions on this page, nor any result thereof. This page is ONLY suggestions to assist you in choosing your personal needs.