5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Alyssa

This system is great! Our trainers and members both love using them. They feel sturdy, they’re really easy to set up and they’re actually pretty easy to pack. I would definitely recommend using them to improve shoulder strength and mobility.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Steve

First impression - well made using quality materials. Appears they are made to last. Band tension is appropriate for the classifications (E.G. - light, medium, etc). I would recommend and purchase again.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Brendan

Fitcord is “IT”. If you are building a dynamic gym, either at home or for a training center, Fitcord is the resistance band I’d fully recommend. I use them for my home gym, my rehab suite in my practice and for my clients at my performance training center. They are a good fit for every client of every body type and experience level, or lack of experience. The only limit to Fitcord, other than normal wear-n-tear (to which Fitcord is very durable), is your imagination.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Karen

The cord is great . It makes motion and resistance seem easy even though accomplishing significant work.I will purchase next strength when I’m ready to increase. Thanks Fitcord.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Jason

I purchased 5 of the crossover cords about a year ago. They have been absolutely great in the rehab/prefab of my surgically repaired shoulder. Excellent quality and great customer service. I recently order another set and was unaware of a slight change - customer service response was quick and more willing to help keep a happy customer.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Drew R.

I’m very impressed with my first interaction with the X-Over bands. I ordered the 4 pack in order to receive different strength bands to perform a variety of shoulder exercises for shoulder rehabilitation for a labrum tear. The bands appear to be high quality, leaps and bounds better than the cheap set I picked up at a sporting goods store. I have exercised with them twice and feel much more confident when using bands without fear of one breaking and striking me in the face.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Brendan

FITCORD is the best! I have used other brands of resistance bands, some with the protective sleeves and many without. Hands down, FITCORD is the best. There are 2 other brands, that I know of, that have the protective sleeves, but FITCORD out paces them. The price is better, the tension usually holds up better, and the sleeve has never worn out with FITCORD. Currently I am trying the FITCORD Body Sculpting bands for the first time, I am very excited since this give a better way to clip many cords together at once. FITCORD has earned my business from here on out! THANKS!


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Jason D.

Great product and excellent customer service. Same if not superior quality to their competitor at a better price.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Brendan

Fitcord is IT!!! I confounded a performance center in which we utilize Fitcords for nearly all of our dynamic resistance training. I run a small Chiropractic office in which we rely heavily upon Fitcord for patient rehab. I’ve tried the other brand(s) and they DO NOT match up to Fitcord’s quality or price. I recommend them, hands down!


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Roman D.

Good quality bands at a nice price point.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Dmitrii

It is very good quality and I am very satisfied this purchase!


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Jerry G.

After having a generic band snap and hit me in the eye I started doing some research online and found FitCord bands. I was fortunate the injury was superficial even though it took several days and a visit to the eye doctor before I could see clearly again. I ordered the FitCord bands and have very pleased with not only with their performance but the safety factor the exterior sleeve provides in case the band ever snaps. The service was excellent! Overall it is a great product!


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Mark

If you are thinking of buying resistance bands, don't go for the cheaper quality. You get what you pay for. These are the very best quality and will last for years without problems; breakage or any of the issues the cheaper bands experience. I highly recommend these professional gym quality bands.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands George

I own a gym and I have gone through many rubber band weights. They would constantly break from the over use. These are made for abuse plus the covering helps protect them.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Tammy

Great bands, really like the cloth cover too. I take them with me when I travel.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Spencer

I bought these to help build scapular and shoulder stability and strength. I have had shoulder surgery in the last year and my overhead movements haven not been as solid and comfortable as before. I use these bands 2-3 times a week and have noticed significant difference in my performance overhead. I got the idea from the Crossover Symmetry brand of bands out there. These bands are just as good as quality as those for over half the price. Great quality and highly recommend.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Forest

These are fantastic. Very well made and very safe. The medium is right for me now, so it is nice to have the strong one for later on when I get stronger. Highly recommend! The cheap ones that come with some of the exercise games for the Wii are highly dangerous...I had one of those snap in two while I was using it and it really hurt and left quite a mark on my arm.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Henry

First off the are quality made items.I'm 60 and I am using red right now and will build up to blue soon I hope.Each of the bands are padded so I can use them in bare feet.I feel totally confident that they won't come apart while exercising.Well made and a good buy.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands A.C.

From all the bands out there, these ones are the ones compatible with P90X, the other ones are just too light. These FitCord Resistance Bands go from 8lbs to 55lbs. According to P90x men should use 20,30,40 lbs and women should use 15,20,30 lbs. It's Just Great!!! same bands, less expensive, I already bought my set ;-)


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands J.J.

After much research, I decided to purchase this set of bands for use with p90x. I just finished my first complete cycle of p90x and I must say that I couldn't ask for anything more out of the bands. Before doing p90x, I lifted weights about 2x a week and considered myself to be a pretty fit guy. The nice thing about this set of bands is that you can use the lowest resistance one for the tougher exercises (I use them for shoulders), the middle resistance for other muscles that are not quite as strong as your main muscle groups (triceps, back, etc), and the highest resistance for the main muscle (I only use this for biceps). I would recommend these bands to any skill level going into p90x... if you are just starting out then you could easily complete the program with the lowest resistance band.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Swinson

These are convenient weights. I love that these bands are as effective as weights but less expensive and don't take up as much space. I'm 5'5" and they are perfect for me but my boyfriend who is 6'3" can only use them for half of his workouts. He says they're great for curls but he can't lift his arms to high in the air. I would recommend longer bands for taller people. Other than that I think they are perfect. I can really appreciate the covering in case the bands pop. I'm clumsy and I can only imagine knocking myself out if they popped during an exercise. Great product!


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Willlie

I bought these to use with P90X. I'd been looking all over and trying to get reviews about the different bands to ensure I got some that would last and not break and pop me in the face!! When I ran across these and saw the protective sleeve, I was thinking at least if it breaks, it's within the covering....so I ordered them. I love 'em. It's so important that the equipment is legit when I'm trying to do some kind of work out on my own. I'm really pleased and I plan to order the ultra heavy band really soon. These bands are strong and well put together. I intend to take them with me on my extended visits out of town. If you're questioning which exercise bands are right or which are the best quality - you won't be disappointed with the FitCords.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Steve

I wanted to compare the FitCord to another brand that is known through the crossfit community. I see tremendous value in these bands as they can help with warming up, prehab, rehab, supersetting, stretching, and finisher type exercises. I have bands from each company and found only a few differences.

1. The price. FitCord was much more friendly on the bank account.
2. FItCord was made in the USA
3. FitCord connection from the carabiner to the band appeared to be a more secure connection.

I have a few more bands I would like to get and will be purchasing them from FitCord.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands John

I love these bands and they have very good quality. I have been practicing with these bands for a long time and one thing I would like to say is that these bands are way better than weights.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Suzanne

Good all round resistance for my women's bootcamp classes.


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Michael

I bought this specifically for travel. I can work my upper body in the privacy of my own room with resistance bands and this guy! Sturdy, light, effective. It could hold an elephant dangling from a crane..


5 star rating for FitCord Resistance Bands Josh

I bought this even though my bands come with an anchor. I felt a stand alone product would be more durable. This anchor is thick, in fact, it is twice as thick as the one that came with my bands. It is also slightly longer, 1/2". It feels extremely strong. I personally pulled on it with all my weight while in the door. It didn't budge an inch. Not much else to say other than I would highly recommend this for anyone using resistance bands.