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FitCord Original Bands Body Sculpting Bands

FitCord full body exercise bands are high quality, safe and long-lasting exercise bands designed to raise all fitness levels, no matter your current fitness mobility or fitness level. FitCords are the original general exercise resistance bands that were offered to the public, but not our first band by any means. 

  Our company got its start in the world of Sports Performance Training.  Tim Newman our company’s founder first designed speed and agility training equipment for sports teams and individual athletes. Our full body exercise bands have been used to train athletes and fitness enthusiasts in all sports worldwide for over 25 years. Hearing about injuries from snapping resistance bands Tim sat out to provide a safer alternative to what was being sold on the market.  After several months of research and development he came up with what is known as “Safety Sleeve Technology.” This patented technology still sets the standard today.  

Over the years, we have designed bands to fit different needs in the fitness world and have manufactured products for many well known fitness companies. There are many different ways to easily get and stay fit, we wanted to be sure to offer safer, longer lasting bands in different styles so no matter what you do to stay fit, you will have a band that is safe to use and does not have to be replaced as often.   

This is General Fitness- Included in this Category is our Original FitCord, Body Sculpting Bands and Yoga Bands. These full body exercise bands offer a great deal of versatility in resistance levels and band styles. Our General Fitness Bands can be used sitting or standing and with the attachments such as door anchors, handles, cuffs and wraps there is no end to the number of exercises you can do with just one of these full body workout bands.