Welcome to the FitCord Fitness Affiliate Program

This page will explain how the affiliate fitness program works, how you get approved and how you get paid for selling FitCord Resistance Bands.
Please read the entire page to be clear on our offer, rules and regulations. 

How the Program Works


 Affiliate program for workout equipment resistance bands and home gyms

Steps to earn extra cash-

1. Sign Up to be an Affiliate

2. Read and Understand the Rules and Regulation of promoting our products

3. Use your website or social media accounts to promote FitCord resistance bands and other products using provided content. Use the dedicated link that we provide for you to count your sales

4. Collect a commission on the 15th day of the following month to automatically have funds deposited into your Paypal or instant pay account


Please see Rules and Regulations before you apply


How the Commission Works

The more sales you make the higher the commission % rises. We have 4 tiers beginning at 5% commission with low thresholds to meet. You can advance quickly and early higher commission in our program. Everyone starts out at 5% commission and you never go backwards on this scale. We do however have a dormant rule. If for some reason you do not sell anything for a few months, your account is safe (see rules).
You will have a dashboard to log into once your account is set up. In this program you will be able to view all traffic generated and see how many sales you have accumulated, how much they spent and how much your commission will be. This is a great tool for determining if your fitness affiliate marketing tactics are converting to $ for you and helps you watch your commission grow.

Rules & Regulations

1. Branding-

  • You must use ONLY our branding for promotions. Our brand is American Made Covered Resistance Bands. ONLY our products are allowed in any images, posts, ads or videos used, unless you own the bands and want to use your own images. These images have to be approved by our marketing team before use. We own all rights to the Fitcord Brand and Copywrite, if you violate the laws there in, we reserve the right to prosecute and collect damages. Please follow this rule closely. 

2. Terms that are prohibited-

  • Profanity of any kind
  • Other Brand Names in ads (it is ok to compare in blogs and text, but do not include them in ads) 
  • Branded terms such as "Crossfit". Please research for brand registry before you post ads. If you are not sure, please message marketing for FitCord via email with content included for review at marketing@worldwidefp.com
  • Avoid any copy that depicts our product anything other than than professional, Quality, American Made, Safe, Accurate resistance levels, and Long Lasting. If you find other ways to depict these terms, feel free to do so. 

3.  Images- 

  • Do NOT use uncovered bands in your images. If they are just tubes and not covered, do not use them as images that depict what the product is you are promoting. You can compare or use uncovered bands and loops to show why you should choose FitCord, but not as the FitCord product image. FitCord provides images for promotions and ads. If you need additional images such as actual product images you can use to promote, please request them by emailing Marketing@worldwidefp.com

4. Monitoring-

  • FitCord reserves the right to protect our reputation by monitoring  activity regarding our brand on all platforms and media outlets. Affiliates who damage the FitCord community or reputation will be subject to account deactivation immediately and funds withheld until prosecution (if necessary) is completed. Our goal is to grow the FitCord Brand and Community, not harm it. If you are found in violation we will consider legal action. If you are unsure if an action/post/ad or blog violates this rule, please submit it to marketing@worldwidefp.com for review. 

5. Payments- 

  • Commission totals will end the last day of each month. After 2 weeks (to adjust for returns/refunds/shipping issues) You will automatically receive your commission in the payment method you chose when setting up the service. 
  • There will be no early payments, no advances and no haggling over the commission rate. You will be entitled to more commission if you sell more or advance up the level graph above. There are no exceptions.
  • If a sale is reversed (returned, refunded) for any reason,  we will remove your commission out of the next payout. You will be able to see any transactions like this in your dashboard. 
  • If you make NO commission and you receive a negative balance, this means you owe us the commission back. Just like you want your funds, we want our commission back (to keep our books clean mainly) but this will be required to be paid within 2 weeks. If the balance carries over to the next month, we will begin more aggressive actions to clear the negative balance up. This will be on a case by case basis. 

In short, just be a decent human and lets make money together while provide a safer, better product for people to increase their health level and have a better life.