We are so excited you have decided to start your Fitness Journey!
Now that you have made that decision, where do you begin?
Free Printable Resistance Band Exercises-  Click to Download                   


Free workout guide for FitCord Resistance Band Workout at Home

Free Printable Resistance Band Exercises Here--- Workout Guide Page One


Free Exercise routing guide for resistance band workout to lose weight, tone your body, gain mobility and general exercise

Free Printable Resistance Band Exercises Here--- Workout Guide Page Two


 Here are some questions we often get from our customers.

  • How often do I need to use them?
  • What exercises do I need to be doing?
  • How many reps do I need to do per exercise?
  • What is the best resistance level for me?
  • When do I need to move to a higher resistance level?

We can answer all of the questions in one sentence- It is specific to you.

 Everyone is different and has a different reason for beginning a fitness routine-

  • New moms wanting to lose baby weight
  • Getting older and losing muscle tone
  • Wanting to lose excess weight
  • Have friends interested in bodybuilding
  • Want to improve your body shape
  • Need to improve your health- Have High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol etc.
  • Want to look better in their clothes
  • Restore mobility

The list goes on and on.

Everyone also has a different fitness level due to lifestyle

Here are a few examples-

  • If you work at a desk all day you may not get much exercise at all and need a lighter resistance
  • If you work a physically demanding job, you may need a heavier resistance
  • If you had a health issue and need to regain muscle tone, you may need Ultra-light resistance
  • If you used to work out but stopped, you will probably want to begin with a medium resistance


There are so many variables involved it is very difficult to find a fitness program that works for everyone. At FitCord we understand that. While many of our competitors have a general fitness routine they sell to you that may or may not work for your specific journey, here at FitCord we provide a free Basic Exercise Chart that demonstrates some basic moves to get your journey started. Once you have followed this chart for a while, you will be able to answer the questions above. Using this free resistance band workout guide, you will get a feel for your body, fitness level, resistance needs, and have the ability to pace your workouts and progress on your own, or increase what you are doing with a trainer/coach/friend or just simply build your stamina at home so you are “ready to go to the gym”.
You can also use this free resistance band workout chart when you can not get to the gym. If you are traveling and do not have access to your trainer or your gym, these basic exercises will help you stay on track until you can return to your normal workout schedule.
This FitCord free resistance band workout guide is designed for FitCord full body exercise bands. We do NOT recommend you use this guide for any bands without the safety sleeve nylon covering. We can NOT guarantee another brand of resistance band won’t injure you by snapping back while doing the exercises on this chart. We do NOT recommend this guide for any other resistance bands, tension bands, flat loop bands, uncovered resistance bands with handles, uncovered resistance bands (no handles), tension exercise straps, or Rubber Band style workout bands.