Our Story

  People love resistance bands, but we wanted to make an exercise cord that was better, safer and still affordable. So over 25 years ago, we did something no one else had done before. We covered our resistance bands with an anti-snap safety sleeve and called it Safety Sleeve Technology™. We've been doing it ever since. And while many other companies have copied us, no one has matched our American-made quality and customer service.

FitCord Resistance Bands are Made in America by American workers at FitCord Fitness, LLC manufacturing facility located in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Our Company has pioneered many of the Resistance Band products with Safety Sleeve Technology on the market for a variety of training applications from Athletic Speed Training, Physical Fitness and Rehab Therapy.   

American made Exercise Resistance BandsFitCord Fitness, LLC is a family owned business that has a strong belief in American jobs. While it is tough competing with products coming from 3rd World Countries who pay their workers as little as $7 per day, FitCord Fitness, LLC refuses to take manufacturing abroad. We appreciate all of our customers who also believe in America and who want the best product available.