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FitCord Single Bands
FitCord Single Bands
from $27.00 $30.00
Covered Resistance Band with Handles Discover the Ultimate FitCord Resistance Bands – Made in the USA Elevate your fitness game with FitCord Resistance Bands – the smart choice for safety, quality, and versatility. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your workout routine. Order yours today and experience the difference of American-made excellence!
American Made covered resistance bands for tension tube workout that is safe. Has sew in handles and can be used by anyone including Elderly, handicapped, crossfit, P90x, and body builders. Compare to spri bands. Home Gym. Also sold on Amazon and Ebay
Body Sculpting Band Singles
from $24.00 $27.00
Resistance Exercise Band That Can Be Used With Handles, Cuffs or a Bar for Versatility Are you looking for a versatile, convenient, and effective addition to your home gym? Look no further than our proprietary Body Sculpting Bands! These simple exercise tools offer a variety of benefits that will increase the effectiveness of your fitness journey. Elevate your workouts, save space, and exercise safely wherever you go. Discover why resistance bands are a must-have for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and levels.
Perfect Therapy Single Bands
Perfect Therapy Single Bands
from $17.00 $19.00
Rehab at home with SAFE American Made Products!  Introducing FitCord's Perfect Therapy Bands – Your Ultimate Solution for Rehab and Physical Therapy!  Experience the therapeutic benefits of FitCord's Perfect Therapy Bands and take your rehab and physical therapy journey to the next level. Whether you're recovering from an injury, enhancing your mobility, or simply looking to improve your strength, these bands are your perfect companion. Order now and witness the transformation in your fitness and overall well-being! *FitCord Perfect Therapy Bands are 20" long and have a max stretch of 60".
Arm and Shoulder rehab band. Covered for Safety and Made in American. Use this band to reduce shoulder pain, increase range of motion or for rehabilitation after shoulder injury or surgery
X-Over Single Bands
from $34.00 $38.00
Arm, Shoulder, Back and Core Crossover (X-Over) Bands Experience the ultimate in shoulder and arm care with our X-Over Bands, meticulously crafted in the USA for exceptional quality and durability. Whether you're a hardcore gym enthusiast or simply looking to sculpt your shoulders, these resistance bands are your ticket to better upper body performance and injury prevention. Invest in your shoulder and arm health with X-Over Resistance Bands,  Get yours today and experience the difference!

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Full Body Workout Resistance Band with Handles

Versatile All-in-One: FitCord Original Resistance Bands are your go-to fitness companion. They're designed for everyone, with 7 resistance levels and a longer 6ft version for our taller friends.

The Original Experience: Ever heard the saying, "Nothing beats the Original"? Well, that's us! We pioneered the safety feature you'll love.

Perfect for Any Lifestyle: Whether you're a traveler, outdoor enthusiast, gym-goer, fitness class lover, office worker, or just someone keen on staying in shape, our 4ft bungee cord-style band is your perfect workout companion.

Padded Handles with a U.S. Patent: Our bands feature padded handles securely sewn in using our U.S. Patented design. Safety tested and crafted for comfort.

Pre-Stretched for Quality: Each band is hand-pre-stretched for top-notch quality and accuracy, ensuring you get the best out of your workout.

No Anchor Required, But Options Welcome: While our bands don't need an anchor, feel free to use one for extra exercise choices.

Suitable for All: FitCord Bands are the ultimate choice for everyone - men, women, beginners, advanced, intermediate, and professionals. Think of it as the "little black dress" or the "go-to suit" of resistance bands.

Ready to elevate your workout? FitCord is here for you!

Stackable Full Body Resistance Bands

Your Workout Sidekick: Meet FitCord Original Resistance Bands – the ultimate fitness buddy for everyone! With 7 resistance levels and an extended 6ft version for our taller pals, it's got you covered.

✓ The Real Deal: Ever heard the phrase, "Nothing beats the Original"? That's us! We're the pioneers of the safety feature that'll make your workout even better.

✓ Fit for Your Lifestyle: Whether you're a jet-setter, nature lover, gym enthusiast, class junkie, office hero, or just someone wanting to stay fit, our 4ft bungee cord-style band is tailor-made for you.

✓ Comfort with a Patent: Enjoy the journey with padded handles featuring our U.S. Patented design. Tested for safety and crafted for your comfort.

✓ Quality, Hand-Stretched: Each band is hand-pre-stretched, guaranteeing top-notch quality and accuracy. Your workout just got an upgrade!

✓ Options Galore, No Anchor Needed: No anchor? No problem! But if you want extra exercise choices, go ahead and use one. It's all about what works for you.

✓ Fit for All: FitCord Bands are the go-to for everyone – guys, gals, beginners, pros, you name it. Consider it the "little black dress" or the "go-to suit" of resistance bands.

Ready to take your workout to the next level? FitCord is right by your side! 💪✨

Upper Body Resistance Bands

✓ Target the Good Stuff:
Zeroing in on that upper body - hello, core, back, shoulders, arms, scapula, obliques, abs, traps, and more!

✓ Double Trouble Delight:
It's a dynamic duo! A set of 2 X-over Bands, each flaunting a covered High-Grade rubber tube (about 30") with a sturdy smooth plastic handle and an industrial-grade carabiner.

✓ Anchor, Set, Go! :
Yes, you need an anchor, but trust us, it's a game-changer. This made-in-the-USA design will surprise you with its effectiveness, making that anchor totally worth your time and money.

Say Bye-Bye to Shoulder Pain

Sculpt Those Shoulder Muscles

Bounce Back Rotator Cuff Injury or Surgery

Lift More Free Weight

Fortify Your Back for a Solid Foundation

Upgrade from Cable Crossover Machines

Ready to redefine your workout? FitCord's got your back (and shoulders, and core... you get the idea)!