Resistance Bands with Handles

4ft or 6ft Covered Bungee Style Cord

Covered with Safety Sleeve Technology

One Unit Exercise Band

Compare to Stroops Bands


Resistance band with Quick Clip on each end

4ft Covered Bungee Style Cord

Covered with Safety Sleeve Technology

Does not have handles- Buy Seperately

Compare to Stroops Slastix Bands


Set of 2 Bands

30" long Covered Bungee Style Bands

Handle on one end and clip on the other

2 cords that require an anchor

Compare to Crossover Symmetry

Do Resistance Bands Work?

Yes! Resistance Bands work. Because you get tension when both pulling and releasing the band, resistance bands tend to build muscle faster and give you a more challenging workout. Unlike weights that change the resistance due to gravity when doing a rep, resistance bands have no gravitational pull. When working out, especially doing HIIT training where you move at a faster pace, weights tend to use gravity and centrifugal force, depending on how fast your rep is. Using Resistance Bands removes that variable giving you a more productive workout.

Full Body Workout Resistance Band with Handles

FitCord Original Resistance Bands are an all-in-one unit that anyone can use. Because this band is offered in 7 resistance levels and even comes in a longer (6ft) version for taller users.

You know how the say, Nothing beats the Original? Well, this is truly the original covered resistance band! We were the first company to offer this safety feature.

This 4ft bungee cord style workout band is great for anyone who travels, loves to workout outside, goes to the gym or fitness classes often, wants to workout at the office or simply want a way to keep their body in shape. The Padded handles are sewn in using our U.S. Patented design and has been tested for safety. Each band is pre-stretched by hand for quality and accuracy.

This band does not require an anchor, however, you absolutely can use an anchor for more exercise options.

FitCord Bands are the Best choice for men, women, beginners, advanced, intermediate and Professionals. Consider this band your "little black dress" or " "Go-to suit" of resistance bands.

Stackable Full Body Resistance Bands

Our Body Sculpting Bands are designed for a full body workout.

With a 4ft covered rubber tube and clips on each end instead of sewn in handles, this design is perfect for anyone who loves to change things up in their fitness routine, and since they are stackable (you can add more than one at a time to the handles/straps or cuffs) they are the only set of bands you will need.

With Body Sculpting Bands, you can change your exercise style, resistance level, range of motion and the part of the body you are working out quickly and easily.

Great for Pilates, Yoga, Hiit Training, Crossfit and whatever new and exciting training you come across in your fitness journey.

Areas you can exercise using these bands include Triceps, Biceps, Lats, Traps, glutes, calves, rotator cuff, lower back upper back, core, abs, and so much more. This is a truly Full Body Workout System that can be used in fitness class, a gym, box or as a full home gym.

Upper Body Resistance Bands

FitCord Offers an Alternative to Crossover Symmetry Bands. Our American Made X-Over Bands primarily focus on the upper body, building stronger core, back , shoulders, arms, scapula, obliques, abs, traps and more.

X-over Bands come in a set of 2 bands, each band in the set has a covered High Grade rubber tube that measures approximately 30" with a smooth thick plastic handle and the other has an industrial grade carabiner.

While this band does require an anchor unlike our other bands, the functions of this design of resistance bands made in the USA will surprise you with how well it actually works, making the anchor worth the investment in your time and money.

Here are some of the ways you can benefit from this type of band- Reduce Shoulder Pain, Define Shoulder Muscles, Rehabilitation After Rotator Cuff Injury or Surgery, Strengthen Arms and Shoulders to Increase Your Free Weight Lifting Ability, Define the Back Muscles, Strengthen Back Muscles, Increase Range of Motion in Shoulders and Back, Replace Cable Crossover Machines... the list goes on.

Our Customers use these bands for Bodybuilding, Warm-Up before sporting events, Rehabilitation, avoid shoulder injury in the Crossfit Box or Games, Strengthen Back Muscles, Reduce Back Pain, Replace dumbells, and so much more.