Power Rack Anchors for Resistance Bands - Set of 4


Power Rack Anchors for Resistance Bands - Set of 4

Product description

Use Power Rack Anchors to securely anchor resistance bands to any power rack or solid stationary object.

These unique anchors are designed to be used with a power rack (squat rack) for any style of resistance band. The D-Ring assures easy connection with workout bands that have clips without causing any damage to the band or the rack system. Because these heavy Duty Anchors are flat but strong, you leave these on your rack system for ease of transition from lifting to strength training. 

Sold in Sets of 4.


** This is a product of our sister company Speedster. For more information about our Athletic line of products visit speedster.com **

Customer Reviews

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Power Rack Anchors - Set of 4

Thank you for the review Thomas.

romeo p
works great

have them on my power rack. they don't slip when i am doing my shoulder exercises with the x over bands.

Great! Thank you for leaving a review Romeo.



Thank you for the 'grade' review Rachel.
It is exciting to have a grade come through!

Matt K

Confident they will hold up for a long time. Using them on my squat rack, perfect for keeping from having to wrap bands around the metal rack that can develop burs from collisions.

Matt, thank you for both reviews! So happy you enjoy the Rack Anchors

Bradley Bacon
Quality for a fair price

Amazing product. Just as great as it's overpriced competitor but way better value and the range of resistance options are better

Bradley, thank you so much for this review.
We pride ourselves on being a the highest quality for the best price.
The reason our bands are higher quality is we sell directly to you from our factory with no middle man, so you are actually paying for higher quality materials when you buy a Fitcord. Thank you for pointing that out.