Safety and Product Lifespan is our main focus. The sleeve we created is custom woven to provide protection for both the user and the band. Our unique design will ensure that you get the longest life of a resistance band possible while remaining safe while using it. 

FitCord combines traditional latex tubing found on many resistance bands, but goes one step further by inserting the latex tube inside a fabric woven Safety Sleeve. The Safety Sleeve technology serves three distinctive functions:

1. Shields the latex tubing from harmful UV rays that deteriorate the life of the latex tubing 

2. Shields direct contact of the latex tubing against skin for exercisers who are allergic to latex

3. Protects the user in the event the latex tubing breaks. The Safety Sleeve houses the latex tubing so if it does break, it remains inside the secured Safety Sleeve, thereby protecting the exerciser.

4. Reduces pinching and increases your comfort while using our bands.

There have been multiple incidents where people exercising with uncovered resistance bands have suffered facial injuries or, even worse, loss of vision from being struck in the eye from the broken resistance band. The reason most injuries occur to the facial area is due to the fact that most exercises are done by either pulling away from a wall toward the body or standing on the resistance band pressing the hands upward toward the face.

The price difference between non-safety sleeve resistance bands and Worldwide's FitCord is nominal, and in some cases FitCord's cost is even less that the traditional uncovered resistance band. Most consumers don't realize that there are multiple grades of latex tubing being produced around the globe and not knowing the quality of the tubing they purchase can be life changing.


Safety Sleeve Technology give your resistance band long-lasting protection.