Ultimate Door Anchor (Fits 28"- 36" Width Door)


Ultimate Door Anchor (Fits 28"- 36" Width Door)

Product description

11 Anchor Points! Over 100 exercise combinations possible!


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The Ultimate Door Anchor by FitCord is just that “Ultimate”

The Ultimate Door Anchor is a Heavy Duty Anchor that is easily attached to a standard-sized door that gives you multiple anchor points for use with our FitCord and X-Over Resistance Bands. Each strap gives you the option to attach the bands High, Low, or in the Middle. Many people use the Ultimate Door Anchor for using for programs such as P90X and Crossover Symmetry.

Whatever exercise you are doing you can be certain the Ultimate Door Anchor is a must. Made to wrap around any solid door. Its design helps distributes the pressure over a larger surface area.

This Home Gym System includes a full door anchor system that allows you to do over 100 Different Exercise Combinations.

Made with 2” wide webbing and large welded D-Rings along with high-quality 2” wide securing slips assures the user that safety was in mind when we designed the Ultimate Door Anchor.

Easy to install and can be left on the interior door. If being used outside it is recommended that the Ultimate Door Anchor be removed and taken inside to avoid wear from weather, sun, and UV ray exposure which will shorten the life of the product.

Prior to using, be certain Ultimate Door Anchor is securely installed. Not recommended to support full body weight. Using with other equipment such as body suspension products voids the product lifetime warranty and is not recommended. Worldwide Fitness Products, LLC assumes no liability for using with equipment other than resistance bands.

Resistance Bands sold separately. The Ultimate Door Anchor fits doors between 28" – 36" wide by 80" to 84" high.

Us Patent Pending Ultimate Door Anchor  US Patent Pending

Customer Reviews

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Mark Ferro

It works great. Love it. What I was looking for.

Mark, thank you so much for leaving us a review

Great product

I gave this to my grandson who works out daily and needed this to achieve his goals. Thanks

Thank you so much for the review PattPoo (love the name by the way.. )

Jeffrey Baker
won't fit

The webbing is too thick, and my door won't close.

Thank you for leaving this review Jeffery.
We accept any feedback our customers provide.
We do make our door anchors with heavy webbing, however unless there is virtually no gap between the door and frame (which is not typically the situation) our anchors fit quite well. The reason our custom webbing is a bit thicker is to 1. Protect the Door and Frame 2. Assure it will not break during use & 3. So you do not have to replace the anchor for many years.
We design for the average door, and we understand not everyone has an average door. I am sorry this anchor did not work for your door. I understand you were in communications with our Production Manager regarding this. It is my understanding this issue was resolved.

Great Product!

I used it for 2 months, it's perfect! Great product, easy to install

Christopher, thank you for taking the time to leave this review. We appreciate all feedback.

Great Anchor System!

I used the door anchor with the X-Over bands, and it worked perfectly. The multiple positions of the D-rings make it possible to attach the bands in exactly the right location for each exercise. It is also very easy to install. I would highly recommend this product for anyone needing a door anchor system.

Ralph, thank you for leaving a review on BOTH items you purchased.
It is important for others to see the reviews on actual items as well as the company as a whole, so we appreciate you taking the time to leave reviews on multiple products!