X-Over Rehab Bundles

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X-Over Rehab Bundles

$119.00 $231.00 sale

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Targeted Arm & Shoulder Care

Replaces Cable Crossover Machine


Level 1

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Product description

Workout at home with SAFE American Made Products

Experience the transformative power of X-Over Bands and take your upper body workouts to the next level. Whether you're rehabilitating, preventing injuries, or striving for extreme fitness, these bands are your ultimate companion. Elevate Your Upper Body Workouts with X-Over Bands – Your Shoulder and Arm Care Solution. Order now and unlock your true fitness potential!

X-Over Bands are expertly designed for shoulder and arm care, making them an essential addition to your fitness routine. They are engineered to target the smaller muscles that enhance the stability of your rotator cuff, shoulders, scapula, and arms.

X-Over Rehab Bundles provide you with versatile resistance options which cater to your fitness needs. These 30" bands offer ample flexibility for various exercises.

The bands are equipped with heavy-duty carabiners, ensuring a secure and reliable connection during your workouts. Say goodbye to worries about the bands coming apart during intense exercises.

Featuring smooth plastic handles on one end, these bands offer a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to focus on your form and performance.

The unique cross-over style of resistance provided by these bands specifically targets the smaller muscles crucial for shoulder stability. Strengthening these muscles enhances your overall upper body performance, making you better equipped for any physical activity.

If you've experienced shoulder injuries during your activities, these bands offer a solution. By building and strengthening the smaller supportive muscles, you can reduce the risk of shoulder injuries and continue pursuing your fitness aspirations.

While perfect for shoulder and arm care, these resistance bands are incredibly versatile. They are also excellent for back, chest, and scapula workouts, allowing you to target various muscle groups with a single set of bands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Anne Marie Kennedy
Perfect for home gym

Love the clips and design. Easy to implement into many workouts and don’t take up much space. Easy to swap out or stack with each other for more resistance

We are so glad you are happy with your cords. Thank you for the review.

Lars Kalland
Still not arrived

20 days and still nothing

Lars, thank you for leaving us a review.
I had a moment to look into your order and realized it is an international order. We shipped the order within 24 hours of receiving it, however, it appears your country has had this package held up at customs for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed this process up. I really hope you receive it soon. We would LOVE to hear back from you when you receive the products.

Kyle Alton
Same great quality as always

I’ve been ordering these bands for a while. Upgraded to some heavier bands. Bands last for years.

Kyle, thank you for being a loyal customer, and thank you for leaving this review.

D Moreland
Great Bands

Love the bands and the protection provided. Good addition to my free weight work out. Plan to add higher lbs now that I've tried them and like them.

Thank you D for the review.
Great job on the progress, we look forward to your next order.

Ed Weeks
Quality Product!

We have used your bands in our facilities for about 4 years now. This is a quality product and works well for clinic use. We recommend FitCord Resistance Bands!

Thank you so much for taking the time to give our company a review Ed. We have offered our bands on the professional level for years and only recently merged into the general public, so it is great to see our Professional Customers leave reviews, we really appreciate it.