Body Sculpting Band Single (40lb) VERY HEAVY


Body Sculpting Band Single (40lb) VERY HEAVY

Product description

40lb Very Heavy Covered Resistance Bands with Clips for Handles, Cuffs, and Bars. Great for Strength Training Exercises

FitCord's Body Sculpting Bands are designed to be versatile. You have the same Safety Sleeve Technology™ as all the other bands by FitCord, but this band has a heavy-duty ring on each end with multiple accessories to assure you can use in whatever workout routine you do. Body Sculpting Bands are also stackable. You can clip more than one band at a time to the attachments or anchors providing you with more resistance. 

All Body Sculpting Bands are 4ft in length (band portion only)

This FitCord heavy tube resistance band is designed for everyone. No matter what fitness program or exercise you are doing or plan to do, this band will give you the tension, safety, and flexibility you need to do it. 

    • Great Bar Resistance Bands
    • Popular Training Bands
    • Core Training
    • Pilates
    • Yoga
    • Build 6-Pack
    • Lose Weight 
    • Build Muscle
    • Tone Your Body
    • Hiit Training

    and much more... 

Attachments shown in images are sold separately.

This images shows the different resistance levels offered by Fitcord Resistance Bands. These levels apply to all styles of resistance bands.

American Made Resistance Bands, stackable with clips for full home gym workout

Customer Reviews

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Resistance levels a bit off but the Bands are RIGHT ON!

Love the body sculpting bands so much so that I purchased all seven resistance levels! I will say that the resistance levels seem to feel much lighter than listed BUT that be slightly fixed by adjusting your foot spacing and/or distance from the anchor points. I would classify the "ultra heavy" as just heavy and the "heavy" as "medium" and continue on down the line. I wish they offered 12" versions of the entire sculpting line as this would be exactly what I would need for dumbbell bench presses and flyes. The latex on these tubes seems to be really high quality and the feel is spectacular when stretching. The outer sleeve is the closer on the deal as it offers me the confidence that my eyes and face are protected from the unlikely event of a snap or break. The customer service is par excellence and the fact that these bands are made here in the US is an added bonus!

Wow! What a great review. Thank you so much for this feedback.
Just a bit of information about our resistance levels- the resistance is measured at about 90% stretch per the industry standards, so if you aren't doubling them up or stretching them to the full length I can see where it would feel one level lower. However, we LOVE to hear the feedback and will pay close attention during the testing they endure before leaving our facility to assure the bands are accurate when it comes to resistance levels. I will also pass along the 12' recommendation to the designer. Thank you so much for your feedback!