Resistance Band Padded Exercise Cuffs (1 Pair)

$19.00 $25.00 sale

Resistance Band Padded Exercise Cuffs (1 Pair)

$19.00 $25.00 sale

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Workout at home with SAFE American Made Products! 


Adjustable Padded Resistance Band Ankle/Wrist Cuff. The heavy-duty velcro on these resistance cuffs will allow you to quickly and easily adjust from wrist to ankle exercises, the Large D-Ring accommodates more than 1 Body Sculpting Band to be attached, the Sew in Padding will reduce skin irritation and increase comfort during a workout, and the material is sweat resistant.

These Workout Cuffs are also Washable. 

The padding used in our cuffs are designed to always bounce back and never matte down after use.

You can clean your cuffs- Do NOT MACHINE WASH or Dry- Use any disinfectant you choose (as long as it doesnt include bleach) and spray your cuffs, wait 3-5 minutes and pat the cuffs dry, then let air dry before putting them away. The cuffs should have NO moisture left when put away. Do not dry in the sun.

Because these cuffs are made with heavy duty velcro, they fit both the ankle and wrist. Easily adjusts to any size wrist or ankle.

Customer Reviews

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Alan Young
Funny but not Funny!

My dog got a hold of my Fitcord anchor some time ago. It didn't really look damaged so I continued to use it until I noticed a small fray and thought nothing of it. I might add that I stack bands for more resist, as I was facing away from the anchor doing butterflies the anchor broke. I got a nice welt on my back from the bands as I was falling on my face. Luckily I wasn't hurt. I ordered 2 types of anchors offered online and was disappointed by there quality and wouldn't trust them after the experience I had. Sent both back and ordered the anchor that matches my bands. High quality and trustworthy. I ordered 2, I will never trust a compromised anchor again. Thanks

We are so sorry to hear about your dog damaging your original FitCord anchor. I am glad you brought up the fact that you saw the fray and continued to use the anchor though. We include a warning on the bands and the insert to discontinue use if you see any wear. Our company focuses first and foremost on safety, so please do not use any item (not just FitCord products) that is frayed in the future, your safety matters to us.
I believe i understand your review to mean you purchased anchors from another company and returned those and purchased another FitCord anchor from us, because I only see 1 order for anchors that you have placed.
Thank you for the review.
p.s. -keep your new anchors away from the dog. (LOL)


Just what I needed. Easy to use and to adjust angle for face pulls with my FitCord bands bought a year ago. Previously I used a pull up bar or my Powertec workbench. Also wanted to add that delivery was fast but this item was missing from my order. Contacted FitCord and they quickly responded and sent my door anchor. FitCord has always given excellent customer service. Thank you FitCord.

Thank you so much for leaving this review. It is always a please to help our customers. :)

Troy Murray

I would review them if I had them
Still haven’t received them

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review even though you havn't received your bands yet. We shipped your package within 24 hours, however with you being in another country, customs processes can add a delay in the product getting to you. I hope they clear it soon and you received your products.

Ezatollah Keyvan-Larijani

Resistance Bands Padded Handles

Ezatollah, thank you for the review.

John House
Excellent Product

Exactly what I needed they seem to be made to last.

Thank you so much for the review John. We appreciate it.
P.S. They will last.