How to Stay Motivated for Your Home Workouts

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How to Stay Motivated for Your Home Workouts


COVID-19 has ushered in sweeping changes since its onset, to say the least, but among them is a surging interest in at-home workouts. Some studies even suggest that more people than before the pandemic are focused on improving their fitness.


Exercise app downloads and fitness equipment sales, including everything from machines to resistance bands, soared as many either used their workouts to manage anxiety, fill their downtime or keep up their usual routines.


Still more studies say the at-home workout is here to stay. Even as fitness facilities start to reopen, many may choose the convenience and safety of opting for working out in their spare room or garage.


But staying motivated to work out at home presents new challenges, since many are drawn to the group setting for the community and accountability that offers. If that’s what you’re looking for at home, here are seven strategies on how to motivate yourself to workout at home:


  1. Make a Schedule.


Pencil in your workout just like you would anything else on your calendar. Set aside a time that is realistic so you have the best chance of actually completing it and feeling accomplished. Give yourself some time to repeat it at that time so it becomes a habit, and make adjustments as needed.


  1. Select Your Workouts in Advance.


Take some time to research workouts that you want to do. Whether you search sites like YouTube or Pinterest for different regimens like arms, legs or band workouts or you subscribe to an app that organizes them for you, select the categories you want to focus on and get them lined up in advance so you don’t spend precious workout time searching right before you begin.


  1. Set Up a Dedicated Space.


Ideally, there is a space in your home or garage where you can set up your equipment and leave it. That way you won’t have to take time to set up everything before each workout. Select a space where there are minimal distractions. If you are using your phone, tablet or computer to connect to a virtual class, turn off notifications.


  1. Invest in Quality Equipment.


Great equipment can provide motivation all its own, so investing in quality will make a difference in your experience and results. Resistance bands, like those from FitCord, are a smart option for beginners because they help establish proper form and are safer to incorporate than weights. Bands are also exceptionally effective because they work the muscle in both directions.


  1. Dress for Success.


Just like having quality equipment, your fitness gear may inspire you to get moving. Select the options that support the type of workout you’re doing. You can find all types of styles and price points at just about any retailer. Plus FitCord just launched its own merchandise line that includes tanks and leggings, and it’s all 30 percent off!


  1. Join a Virtual Group or Create Your Own.


If you need that group energy and motivation, you can create it or recreate it outside of the typical group setting. You can find virtual groups where you can connect and practice together, or get your own group of friends and fitness enthusiasts and motivate each other. It’s a great way to have someone to hold you accountable, especially if you need that extra push.


  1. Track Your Progress.

Results can provide their own motivation, so before you begin, take your measurements and set your goals. Following a healthy diet is a great way to support your fitness regimen. You can start with small changes rather than a major overhaul, but take time to prepare what you’ll eat weekly. Preparation is key in every facet of your at-home routine and can help you stay motivated to workout at home!


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