Velcro safety sleeve cover for exercise resistance bands. This product not only protects you when using the band, it also keeps stackable bands together while you work out.
Band Wrap to Protect Resistance Bands
$13.00 $16.00
Soft Resistance Band Sleeve for Band Protection, Holding Stackable Bands Together and Comfort During Resistance Band Exercise With the FitCord Band Wrap, you can work out with several bands at once without having to worry about keeping them all together. Keep your bands under control with this easy-to-use Band Wrap from FitCord. Most refer to this as a resistance band protective sleeve, but it is so much more than that. This product makes standing on stacked bands more comfortable, reduces pinching when the bands relax, and also can be used to store your bands as 1 unit. If you use Stackable Resistance Bands, you need this item. 
Padded Power Belt best resistance bands made in USA and covered for safety - FitCord Resistance Bands
Padded Power Fitness Belt
$32.50 $40.00
Versatile Padded Fitness Belt. This high-quality belt is adjustable and includes 2 anchor points to connect resistance bands. Buy one belt for MULTIPLE uses within your fitness routine.
FitCord Fitness Belt - FitCord Resistance Bands Rocket Bungee Waist Belt-FitCord Resistance Bands
Resistance Exercise Belt
$15.00 $20.00
The Fitness Belt is the perfect companion accessory for Rocket Bungees. Made with 2-inch wide Polypropylene webbing, this waist resistance band belt is adjustable and secured with a double D-ring. The floating O-ring gives you 360 degrees of motion which gives you the freedom to cut, swerve, and turn during training. Made in the USA. Rocket Bungees sold separately  FEATURES Adjustable and secure Floating O-ring for 360 training Made in the USA
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Stackable Resistance Band Accessory Kit
Stackable Resistance Band Accessory Kit
Introducing the All-American Resistance Band Accessories Kit - the ultimate fitness companion designed and made in the USA for your stackable resistance bands. Upgrade your workout experience with our premium quality add-ons, all crafted to provide maximum durability and performance. This versatile kit includes: Ergonomic Padded Handles Adjustable Cuffs Multi-Functional Straps Door Anchors Band Wrap Convenient Carry Bag Unlock the full potential of your stackable resistance bands and transform your workouts. Improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance, all while enjoying unmatched quality and comfort. Order your kit today and experience the difference that American-made quality brings to your fitness journey!