Great bands for functional fitness. Includes safety features like a cover to protect you from injury in case the band breaks and heavy duty clips  on each end. This band is stackable and allows you to choose different handle, cuff and strap styles
Body Sculpting Band Bundles
from $78.00 $86.00
Bundle of Sackable Resistance Bands FitCord's Body Sculpting Bands are designed to be versatile. You have the same Safety Sleeve Technology™ as all the other bands by FitCord, but this band has a heavy-duty clip on each end with multiple accessories that accommodate whatever workout routine you do. Body Sculpting Bands are also stackable. You can clip more than one band at a time to the attachments or anchors providing you with more resistance.  A great addition to your Function Fitness Workout. All Body Sculpting Bands are 4ft in length (band portion only) This FitCord Band is designed for everyone. No matter what fitness program or exercise you are doing or plan to do, this band will give you the tension, safety, and flexibility you need to do it.  If you are looking for a full-body, intense bungee-style See Lifetime Limited Warranty Information HERE resistance cord workout, look no further.  Attachments shown in images are sold separately.  
A complete set of resistance bands that completely replaces your gym membership. American Made and covered for safety, this set of 7 bands, handles, cuffs, straps and anchors  is all you need for a complete functional fitness gym at home.
Body Sculpting Band Home Gyms
from $136.00 $150.00
Stackable Bands,  great for Functional Fitness, General Exercise, and Body Sculpting. Unlock the power of resistance training with FitCord's Band Load System, the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your home gym journey or a seasoned athlete seeking versatile resistance options, this system has you covered. Elevate your fitness routine with FitCord's elite Body Sculpting Band Load System. Whether you're toning, sculpting, or building strength, this system is your key to success. Don't settle for less – invest in the best and achieve your fitness goals with confidence. Get yours today! See Lifetime Limited Warranty Information HERE    
American Made covered resistance bands for tension tube workout that is safe. Has sew in handles and can be used by anyone including Elderly, handicapped, crossfit, P90x, and body builders. Compare to spri bands. Home Gym. Also sold on Amazon and Ebay
Body Sculpting Band Singles
from $24.00 $27.00
Stackable Resistance Bands - Great for Functional Fitness, General Fitness, and Muscle Definition  FitCord Body Sculpting Bands are the Highest Quality Stackable Bands sold today. What makes them the best? They are made in America. They are covered with a custom woven sleeve to keep you safe, extend the life of the band, and make them more comfortable to use. They have the highest quality clips and connections made today. Those things are awesome, but they are not even the best feature. These bands come with a lifetime warranty and have been proven to last for more than 5 years, which saves you a lot of money since you do not have to replace these bands every 6 months. They are WELL WORTH THE MONEY. Read more about these bands and how they are made HERE   See Lifetime Limited Warranty Information HERE