Fitness Ankle Cuffs (1 Pair) best resistance bands made in USA and covered for safety - FitCord Resistance Bands
Resistance Band Padded Exercise Cuffs (1 Pair)
$19.00 $25.00
Workout at home with SAFE American Made Products!  SAFE, HEAVY-DUTY RESISTANCE BAND EQUIPMENT MADE IN THE USA Adjustable Padded Resistance Band Ankle/Wrist Cuff. The heavy-duty velcro on these resistance cuffs will allow you to quickly and easily adjust from wrist to ankle exercises, the Large D-Ring accommodates more than 1 Body Sculpting Band to be attached, the Sew in Padding will reduce skin irritation and increase comfort during a workout, and the material is sweat resistant. These Workout Cuffs are also Washable. 
Resistance Band Rubber Grip Handles
Resistance Band Rubber Grip Handles
$18.00 $22.00
These heavy duty plastic handles are designed to last for years. Because the webbing is sweat-resistant and can be sprayed down with disinfectant, these handles are the most sanitary and social-friendly set on the market.  The rubber grip is designed to fit so well into your hand that you do not have to worry about it slipping and you losing grip. The inside of the grip is smooth as well, so it glides effortlessly as you do each rep. The ends of the grips are rounded so as not to scratch you or the webbing.  What we are saying about our plastic strap handles is there is not a better set on the market today. Compare them to Spri, Rogue Fitness, Power-systems, and any other brand out there that imports their products.. You will see the difference the moment you open the box. Stop buying disposable Fitness Equipment. Buy FitCord, the fitness gear that lasts. 
Sculpting Band Wrist/Foot Straps-FitCord Resistance Bands
Resistance Band Wrist/Foot Straps (Set of 2)
$10.00 $15.00
2 Resistance Band Wrist/Foot Straps with a large round ring to accommodate a single or multiple FitCord Body Sculpting Resistance Bands. These are great for pulling a heavier load. These are also perfect securing bands when doing squats by attaching a strap to each end of the band, sliding a strap around each foot, and set bands over the shoulders. Used with Body sculpting bands to place around your wrist and hold while working out. Using straps instead of handles gives you more range of motion and allows you to work out a different set of muscles. 
Body Sculpting Band Padded Handles - FitCord Resistance Bands Sculpting Band Padded Handles-FitCord Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands Padded Handles
$14.00 $18.00
FitCord Padded Handles – the perfect workout accessory designed to enhance your fitness experience and provide you with maximum comfort during your resistance band training. These handles are meticulously crafted to ensure a secure and comfortable grip, making them the ideal addition to your FitCord Resistance Band setup. Upgrade your workout experience with the FitCord Padded Handles – a premium fitness accessory designed to provide maximum comfort and enhance your resistance band training. Invest in your health and well-being with these exceptional padded handles today!