Rubber band thick bootie band loop set  designed for thigh, ankle, calves, arms and more to provide tension during toning workouts
Living Fit Loops
$12.95 $14.95
Clearance Item- ALL SALES FINAL Full set of heavy-duty flat rubber band loops that provide resistance on your thighs, calves, ankles, arms, and more. These simple flat rubber exercise bands will challenge your muscles to provide a more impactful workout in a shorter number of reps no matter the exercise, fitness plan, or workout style you use them for. Includes:  Carry Bag  Very Light- Green Light- Blue Medium- Yellow Heavy-Red Very Heavy- Black FitCord launched our "Living Fit with FitCord" Campaign this year to promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone. As a special gift to those who joined the movement, we are offering this Limited Time Product. Get your flat rubber exercise bands from Living Fit today. This Movement includes a Living Fit with FitCord Facebook Group, a community to support and inspire others who are trying to improve their health, a new blog to promote daily exercise and healthier eating habits, plus better ways to fit exercise into your daily life.  Have you joined the Living Fit Community? Why Not?  * These flat loop resistance bands can not be sourced in the United States and are imported.