FitCord Resistance Band Review page, a place where our customers can leave us both good and bad feedback on our products. While we do offer many diffrent products, our base produt is our bungee style covered Resistance bands for Exercise and Rehabilitation to improve your fitness level, and this page is a collection of the feedback on all different types of those products. Read the reviews, leave a review and share them if you want to.
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Excellent product

Everything I was hoping gor

Thank you for leaving this review John.
Glad we didn't disappoint.

Quality Product!

We have used your bands in our facilities for about 4 years now. This is a quality product and works well for clinic use. We recommend FitCord Resistance Bands!

Thank you so much for taking the time to give our company a review Ed. We have offered our bands on the professional level for years and only recently merged into the general public, so it is great to see our Professional Customers leave reviews, we really appreciate it.

Made in the USA and very good quality

These bands are high quality, and not only that, they are made in America. So glad to see companies keeping it in America!

Thank you so much for the review Andre.

Good product! Worthwhile purchase.

I've only used the 3 pound pull and 7 pound pull resistance bands of the set of four I got 2 weeks ago. Mostly, I use the 7 pound one because it's about what I can handle as I am an elderly beginner, while still being useful. My plan is to work up to the 12 pound pull resistance band in two to three months, after I (hopefully) build up strength. The product feels good in my hands, I feel confident that it won't break, and the amount of resistance it gives seems to be about how much it is rated for. I'm actually enjoying using them, but I'm making sure to give each session a 48-hour break in between.

James, we are glad to hear you are taking a step in improving your health and mobility using our bands. Don't worry, if you continue the routine you are doing, you will build strength and graduate to that higher resistance. You will get there sooner than you think.

Thank you for the review.

Best bands ever!

And they are safe too!

Steven, thank you for the review! We try very hard to be the 'best band ever' and we always love it when our bands are described that way.

Great service

Fantastic Service. I had an issue with the first one I ordered. The company replaced it with no questions asked.

Thank you for leaving this nice review about our customers service, we really appreciate it. We are even more appreciative that you gave us an opportunity to correct any issue before leaving a review. That means a lot to us.

Always reliable

Your stretch tubing products are well-made and dependable. I recommend them to the students in my OLLI class. They are worth the investment.

Thank you for leaving the review Lorraine, and a big thank you for recommending them to your students. We appreciate you.

Pure Motivation

Love the FitCords. So easy to install and even easier to use. Just seeing them hang on our door motivates me to use them!

Great Stacey!
We appreciate the review, but what we LOVE to hear is that our bands are helping our customers reach their fitness and health goals.

Fixed order fast!! Great customer service, great bands, will be back!

Fixed order fast!! Great customer service, great bands, will be back!

Thank you for leaving the review A, we are happy to fix any issues that may arise with our customers. We appreciate you calling us to give us the changes to correct anything that went wrong.

I would review them if I had them
Still haven’t received them

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review even though you havn't received your bands yet. We shipped your package within 24 hours, however with you being in another country, customs processes can add a delay in the product getting to you. I hope they clear it soon and you received your products.

Living Fit Loops
Willard Wilson
Good Choice

Bands work great.

Willard, we appreciate you leaving this review.
Thank you

Living Fit Loops
Linda Hillegass

Handy to have my own exercise loops, because the ones at the gym tend to disappear.

Thank you so much for the review Linda.

Living Fit Loops
Malcolm May

great product.
Priced correctly

Thank you for the review!

Awesome cords

Love these cords. The best I ever had.

Thank you so much for saying that. We strive hard to be the best on the market and we always appreciate when our customers see the quality of our work.
Thank you for the review.

I have not recieved it yet!

Cant wait to try them out but it seems like it will take a fem months to recieve it?!

I reviewed your order and see that you are in another country. We shipped your order out the same afternoon, unfortunately customs will hold your order for review in many cases. I hope you receive them soon.
I look forward to your review once you receive them.

Living Fit Loops
Thomas Maguire
Excellent Product

Perfect for those of us in our mid 60’s and need ways for some resistance movement when in the house without cumbersome and space consuming equipment.

Thank you for leaving us this review. You make a great point, and it is an opinion we share here at FitCord.

Great! Safety first

I bought the set of four and liked them so much that I bought the other 3 in the series. What bothers me about most of the tube resistance bands is when they break you can get seriously injured from the snap back even loose an eye.

My physical therapist verified that when these break (and they all eventually do) there is no snap and no injury - the protection sleeve protects you from snap back. I threw out my other tube bands and am now using these instead.

Great product and well made. I hope they continue this high quality and do not substitute cheap junk in the future like many companies do.

I do no mind paying a premium price for quality but I always regret spending any money on junk.

Keep up the good work. I am going to tell my friends about these.

I can assure you that we will never reduce the quality of our product. We own the patent and we have all the raw materials custom made for our company to assure you get the highest quality. We have been in business over 30 years (we also have a sport training bungee line) and have never, nor will we ever reduce the quality of our products.

Thank you so much for the review.

The missing link....

Probably the most overlooked, underrated and under-utilized equipment in any gym. If you don't have them, get them and learn how to use them. Solid product that is made in America. Glad to buy American and support American business, employees and their families.

Thank you A. Lee. We appreciate you sharing such a great review. Resistance Bands are really easier on your body and give faster results than weights in most cases.
Thank you for the review.

Five stars

Really good quality and also good customer service .
This one is replacing my original set that I have been using weekly for over 6 years . Worth the $

Thank you for the Review Jerry.
We love to hear from our long time customers because they can give a true review on how long our bands last. We really appreciate you sharing this with our new & potential customers.

Had a problem with a band and they replaced it immediately. They look like a very well made product and the company was easy to deal with. I'm very happy so far with what I bought, time will tell how the bands hold up. It's been a great Experience so far.

Thank you for the review Phillip.
We make our bands here and order our raw materials custom for our products. Because of the materials only being used by use, we do have imperfections we can't see during quality control that only show up when used. We try very hard to avoid this and correct the issue as soon as we know about it.

Fit Chord Bands 12 and 18 lbs

The chords work well, I would definitely recommend them.

Thank you for the review Edward. We appreciate it.

Loving them so far

They’re pricy, but I’ve liked them a lot in the last couple weeks. Very high quality and with a few attachment points, I can hit a huge variety of exercises.

Thank you for the review John. We have had our customers say our bands are pricy previously, however after several years of use instead of months, they do typically see their savings over time. I hope you do as well.
Thank you for the review.

The Best Bands

They don't advertise this one big advantage: The nylon sleeve helps the cord glide over a metal bar, and it's also easier to handle. I have a set of rubber resistance bands and they don't slide at all over a metal bar when I loop them to get a little more tension. They also burn my hands.

Thank you so much for bringing that fact to our attention. Our Polypropylene cover (Nylon doesn't last as long so we have our sleeve custom woven out of Poly) does do a great job of that and we do need to add that to our description. Thank you for the review.

Resistance Bands Padded Handles
Ezatollah Keyvan-Larijani

Resistance Bands Padded Handles

Ezatollah, thank you for the review.

Not what I expected.

I thought I was getting the ones advertised nor the ones my Dr has for practicing the strengthening skills. These ones have about 3 feet of stretch making them pretty useless for the activities my doctor wants me to do. Mine also do not list the lbs on the handles of the orange and green.

This band is the only one on the market, and may not fit every need for Therapy Type. I'm sorry this doesn't work for your needs. Did you reach out to us about this?