FitCord Resistance Band Review page, a place where our customers can leave us both good and bad feedback on our products. While we do offer many diffrent products, our base produt is our bungee style covered Resistance bands for Exercise and Rehabilitation to improve your fitness level, and this page is a collection of the feedback on all different types of those products. Read the reviews, leave a review and share them if you want to.
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Awesome customer service

I bought 2 pairs of cords in July and have used them almost every day since. One cord had to get replaced recently due to internal damage and I live outside of the US. No questions asked i got a full replacement and within days i was back in action. Excellent service & products.

Thank you for the review Ian.
It is our pleasure to replace the band for you. We make our bands here in our facility from raw materials have made specifically for our company and while it doesn't happen often at all, there are times where the raw materials look fine but fail once the band is used. This is just part of manufacturing, but we try very hard to prevent that from happening. Thank you for being patient about the entire situation.

Fit Cord resistance bands 3 pack

These resistance bands are excellent quality and well made . Would recommend this product to anyone looking to purchase resistance bands.

Thank you for the review Anthony, we really appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.

Pack for travel

Got these for workouts especially for traveling when weights are too heavy for luggage - but they are great overall . Easy to grip and feel secure .

Thank you for leaving this review Kristine.
Yes, Our bands are awesome for traveling, I am glad you found our bands to be a great solution.


wish they where a little longer

TNT, thank you for the review.
We actually make this band in a 6ft Option. You can find that product here-

Real nice

I was looking for a resistance stretch band with these very specifications and this one was perfect. I really like it and glad I got it🙂

Thank you so much for the review Marc! We are so glad you like your band.

Very Happy with this purchase!

I like the product, very well made and a good price. Soo much better than the cheap tubular bands I bought at Walmart in the past. However I wish they would have come with more detailed exercise instructions like the Crossover Symmetry band offer. I did find useful exercises on YouTube, just took some time to search them out.

Thank you for the review.
We get asked about a workout guide a lot, so I am glad to have an opportunity to address here here for our customers.
Because this type of band is used for Rehab, and many people will skip the Doctor and look for 'at home' remedies to shoulder pain, we are very cautious about recommending exercises.
Our entire mission is to provide safe resistance bands for everyone, and recommending exercises that could cause more pain and injury in the certain situations is something we have been hesitant to provide. We always recommend you consult your Physician or Physical Therapist instead of just providing basic exercises that could make your pain or shoulder injury worse.
We are aware that our customers are requesting some basic ideas on using the X-Over bands and we have had a few meetings regarding this topic, but it is a topic we are approaching cautiously.
Hopefully we will have something that is safe for our customers in any situation very soon.

Excellent bands

These are great quality bands made in the USA!

Thank you so much for the review Nick!
Proud to be made in the USA!


These are exactly what I was looking for. Great price as well.

Thank you so much for the review PW.
So glad you are happy with your bands

Love the resistance bands

These are exactly what I wanted - softer and safer than uncovered bands and good quality. The carabiner clasps, unfortunately, are not quite big enough to work with my wall mounts but I can slip them over with just a bit of struggle.

Laurie, thank you for the review!
I have a custom solution for your anchor issue. I will email you directly.

X-Over Resistance Bands 3-Pack (7lb/12lb/18lb)

Justin, thank you for leaving a review.
I would love to know what we could do to make this 5 Stars instead of 4. Our review section is for customers, but we also use this for pointers on making our products and services better.

Living Fit Loops
Andy Sabatier
Great Product

I love these bands for my clinic and exercise classes. They are consistent, well-made, and come from a reliable company.

Andy, thank you so much for choosing FitCord for your Clinic and thank you for leaving a review.

great product

I have been using the power rack anchors for my X-over bands for over a year now and they have been great but my power rack has been getting a bit too cluttered with accessories so I am glad these door anchors exist. They strap to my bathroom door securely and are thin enough to not effect how the door closes. Like all the fitcord products I love that they are made in the USA. Highly recommend.

Romeo, thank you for leaving the review of our X-Over Anchors, and thank you for being a valued customer for so long.

Great band

I purchased this and because it was recommended for use doing Bloom Young workouts. I love it. Very durable and easy to use. Thinking about getting another.

Thank you for the Review Peg, we appreciate your business.

High quality

These bands feel consistent and I love that they're covered to protect me if something snaps. On top of that they're made in the U.S.A

Yep, Happily Made in the U.S.A.
Thank you so much for leaving us this review Kristopher.

Energized work break

The FitCord is a perfect tool to break up the monotony at work. A few sets of intense reps will get the blood flowing and revitalize the mind and body for the next task!!!

We are so happy to see you are exercising at work. It really gets the blood flowing in the middle of the day doesn't it?
Thank you for leaving this review Juan.

FitCord REHAB Home Gym
Chris Colberg
Great for my latex allergy

Very happy with these exercise cords, the well made cord covers protect me from exposure to latex. The included loops work well in my doors, with no slippage.

Thank you so much for leaving us this review Chris. The whole family here at FitCord are glad you are happy with our product.

My Band Exp

Really pleased with the quality of my 'Very Light' Orange handled band and hoping for the durability to match the quality.

Thank you for leaving this review James. We know you will not be disappointed with the life of the band, and we look forward to hearing back regarding this.
Without a doubt, you will build up to a higher resistance level before that one breaks. :)

Not As Well Made As Bands

Fitcord bands are amazing but this bag has broke on me twice now. Expectations were low because the cost but neither have lasted very long. Currently looking for alternatives to carry bands in.

Thank you for letting us know about this product Heath.
We order samples of the bags we sale to check the quality before buying, however nothing tells you how they will perform on a daily basis when you add the bands without feedback such as this. Thank you for informing us about this and we will look into changing the bags now that we know.

Great Bands!!

Added this 18lb. band to set I had bought previously. These bands have changed everything for me. Getting more mobility in my shoulders and chest while being able to use resistance without pain.

Heath, thank you so much for your review. We are happy to be part of your journey and so glad the bands are helping in that journey.

The Real McCoy

I have been using similar kinds of resistance bands (those that have survived, that is) for a few years. My new FitCord bands are way better. What is more, the level of personal attention that FitCord provided during the ordering process was way beyond my experience. Lori actually made the effort to call me in order to make sure that I had made the right choice of equipment. The thing about these cords is that they actually provide the resistance that they claim to provide so you have to be careful not to choose too high a level in the belief that these numbers are exaggerated. They are not. In addition, Lori was able to confirm, due to my height, that a 6 foot cord would be more suitable for me and for the specific kind of exercises that I was performing. Moreover, she saw to it that the order was put together and shipped that day. Since I have received them, they have given me a new lease on my exercise program. They are a pleasure to use. And I walk away from each session with that feeling of deep, good muscle fatigue that tells me that I have had a proper workout and spent my time wisely. What is more, I can feel the quality, and they promise to last a whole lot longer than my old ones although they cost me the same to purchase. I have already brought my wife on board (Lori helped me make that choice as well) and look forward to placing as new order as our programs evolve and we reach our next levels.

Thank you so much for leaving this review. I (Lori) am always happy to help our customers workout what the best product is for them. I am happy you found our customer service above average, as we try very hard to provide the best support we can for our customers. I am very happy you are pleased with the bands and excited you were able to get your wife onboard. We look forward to a long customer relationship with you both.

Well made

These are well-made bands, perfect for rehab exercises. Make sure you get the right set, though - 18 pounds is a lot for many people, and that’s the lightest one in this set.

Thank you for the review Jeff.
Yes, unfortunately other companies exaggerate their resistance and it will catch you off guard when buying a FitCord, as our are accurate to the resistance level stated. Great advice for our customers. Thank you for providing it.

Excellent quality!

These resistance bands are extremely well made. I have enjoyed using them for my at home workouts.

Amy, thank you so much for leaving this review.
Quality and Safety are our top 2 focuses when making our products, so thank you for noticing the quality of our work. We appreciate it.

American Made.

Ok, I retired from the military and I try to buy zero goods “Made In China” because money spent with them is more bullets & beans for their army. Also, I want to support my countrymen in their work. So when I searched and found your company I was specifically searching for American Made bands. Your website came up and I immediately ordered. I had a major shoulder surgery 9 weeks ago and needed these to do rehab. They’re working great, and I’ve been using them everyday. I would work for this company if I could. I’m committed to the American Made mission. Long live The Republic. HOO-YAH!

Andrew, Thank you for your service to our great country first of all, thank you for being a patriot, thank you purchasing your equipment from us as well, but most of all thank you for leaving this review. We really appreciate you.

Awesome Quality

I've only just started using these bands, but they feel solid, well made and well designed. I would recommend them to anyone looking for exercise bands.

Beth, thank you so much for leaving this review. We are so glad you like your band.

Great product!

These are super nice. Tough and well MADE IN THE USA!! Skip the cheap junk you get from the jungle and buy these. They’re worth it!

Thank you so much for leaving this review Chad. We appreciate you.