FitCord Resistance Band Review page, a place where our customers can leave us both good and bad feedback on our products. While we do offer many diffrent products, our base produt is our bungee style covered Resistance bands for Exercise and Rehabilitation to improve your fitness level, and this page is a collection of the feedback on all different types of those products. Read the reviews, leave a review and share them if you want to.
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Great bands

Very happy with the quality. Glade I bought American made. Great job guys.

Blaine, thank you for leaving this review. American Made Quality just cant be beat!

Great band

This is a great band, feels safe to use. A tad too long for me, at 5’3", stepping wider does not give me the max resistance I am wanting, only because I have a short leg length. Otherwise, the band is the best quality anywhere, and made in the USA, which matters to me.

Ladonn, thank you so much for leaving this review.
Short girl issues, we get that around here for sure. If you need suggestions on overcoming some obstacles with your bands, do not hesitate to call, we may have some solutions.


Exceeded expectations.

Thank you so much Robert, we are glad we exceeded your expectations!

Great for Seniors

These resistance bands are a wonderful exercise resource for seniors. No heavy dumbells! They are safe and really increase your strength. I just moved up one level - took me two years! But I'm still trying.

Pamela, It is awesome to hear that you are getting stronger, we love to hear that our customers are being successful with our bands. Keep up the good work, you will get where you want to go for sure. Thanks for the review!


I purchased the Perfect Therapy Band - Heavy (25 lb) [as well as the 40 and 55 lb bands], which I attached to my Rogue Floor Glute. I attached the other end of the band to the MR1NF1N1TY Reverse Squat Straps. This has enabled me an excellent way to perform reverse squats per the “KneesOverToes” plan to strengthen the hip flexors. The band is wonderful - the exercise becomes more difficult as my knees move towards me, which is great. I will use the other two straps as my strength progresses. This is a perfect solution to doing hip flexors. I am 66, by the way, and plan to keep my legs and knees in shape so I can be one of my own pall bearers in several decades, Lord willing. : )

Alan, thank you so much for the review. We love to hear how you use our bands. They are so versatile and our customers are always coming up with new ways to improve their health using FitCords, it just amazes us what you guys do with them. Thank you for sharing.

Therapy Bands & 2-handle bands

The construction of these is solid, I have had no issues and they appear to be well-built.

The 2-handle bands are excellent and being used by a variety of patients and athletes.

The therapy bands are a bit too short for my intended use. If I could replace them with a single-handle version, or even just a slightly longer elastic portion, I would.

Overall, it is a great product and design. I look forward to purchasing more soon.

Thank you Andy for the review. We are so happy the bands work for your patients, and hate to hear the Therapy Bands are a little short for your needs. We also look forward to a long customer relationship with you.

Great product and service!

The very light resistance band was perfect for my workouts with the Bloom Young program. Just enough resistance to add to my workout but not so much that I feel like I am hurting myself.

Velvet, thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review. We Love the work that Young Bloom is doing and are so happy you found our product through his program. Keep up the good work on your fitness journey.

Body Sculpting Home Gym- Ultimate Brute
Faith Vieira
THESE are the resistance bands you want!

I wanted to start an at-home fitness routine because I pretty much have no time to go to the gym, and naturally I thought of adding resistance bands to my workouts. I looked briefly on Amazon, but it was what you expected— cheap and cheaply made.

I then decided to search for resistance bands that were made in the USA. I am SO happy I found FitCord! Not only are the bands thick and well-constructed, I know they won't snap or break when I'm pulling them during an intense workout. In addition, the door anchor is AWESOME because I can confidently secure my resistance bands to it. I went with the ultimate brute package because it has every single resistance band weight and everything else you need to use them successfully.

This is WELL worth the price, especially since it is high-quality construction that I know I'll be able to use for a long time!

Thank you so much for choosing FitCord Resistance Bands and for leaving us a great review Faith

Happy with this purchase

I've had it for a few weeks. It's sturdy with a comfortable handle, and it's exactly what I needed to progress from an intermediate-weight band. I appreciate that it isn't super long; I had to stretch a competitor's band all the way across the room to use it.

Thank you for leaving a review KI. We appreciate it.

Good Bands

I like these bands. I don't know if they are actually at what the weight resistance that they are rated. I do know that they have more resistance than my lighter rated bands and less than my heavier rated bands. That's close enough for me. There are other bands out there that do cost more money and have a handle on them that I like better. I actually bought some of the competitor's bands. For what I paid for Fit Cord bands, I will for now on buy bands from Fit Cord. I would like to see Fit Cord band handles being made differently (not just like a piece of pvc pipe stuck on the strap), but I will purchase from Fit Cord any time I need more equipment.

Thank you very much for leaving a review Douglas.
We appreciate your feedback on the handles and will forward that to our R&D department. I personally haven't seen this style of bands with different handles than the ones we use, but I would be interested to hear more about them.
We appreciate all feedback on our products.


Banda are of very high quality, very well constructed. The outer casing is super strong as the tube itself and you just feel like it would need a lot of force to break it. Really happy with my purchase.

Thank you so much for the review Mel. We are so glad you are happy with your FitCord Bands

Good product will buy again

Thank you so much for leaving this review Frank, we look forward to your next order.

X-Over Resistance Bands 3-Pack (18lb/25lb/40lb)

Thank you for the review Thomas.

High Quality

Purchased these along with the body sculpting bands to add resistance to my free weight workout. Great product. High quality, priced competitively, made in the USA and my personal favorite is the protective casing the bands come in. No fear of the band snapping and hitting you. Good stuff, highly recommend.

Thank you for the review Eric! We are so glad you are happy with your product, and by the way, your safety and high quality is our main focus, so that means a lot that you included those in your review.

Fitcord 2 pack 3/7lb

Arrived in timely manner. Perfect,just what I was looking for.

Great! So glad you got the item quickly. Thanks for leaving us a review.


I got the orange bands for rehabbing a shoulder injury and they’re perfect. Going to order a harder set now that I know the quality is good.

Thank you for leaving us a review DSB

Best bands

These bands are more resistant than the others I have tried which is a ton. The quality is top notch.

Thank you so much for leaving us a review Jeff. We try very hard to provide a higher quality product to our customers and are always excited when a customer notices.

Very satisfied...

I am utilizing them it bit differently, using them as attachments to eye hooks I have stacked in a column in my home gym area. They allow me to easily and quickly change resistance cords and heights, with handles attached, and also provide a little more strength to the cord's point of attachment, which in turn, will give the cords longer "life". Really good product.

Carl, thank you so much for your review.
We are always excited for our customers to share how they use our bands, you never know when a customer will be inspired and improve their health simply by reading about how you use them. Thank you for that as well.

Great bands

I did some research about resistance bands and I found several reviews online regarding this set and the overhead set.

I also have a set of basic resistance bands from a competitor.
I have to say having the side by side comparison of the bands the quality of the handles, the band covers, and the clips is really good. FC bands are significantly better quality than the bands you can get at Dicks or another sporting goods store. They are very comfortable for me to use. I use the 55lbs for pull up/ chin up practice. I use the lower bands for leg day and they are great. The ankle cuff for me is a life saver.

I do wish I had a better way to add resistance for pull ups and chin ups or if there was an 80 or 90lbs band I would seriously consider them. I have personally gotten good results with consistent use of the bands for a month.
I completely recommend these products.

One note of caution I have my bands permanently mounting to a beam in my ceiling I would strongly recommend with the higher resistance bands to make sure you are mounting your bands securely.

Thank you so much for the Review Charlie.
Great phone call! I hope you meet and exceed all your goals, and we look forward to a long customer relationship.

Resistance levels a bit off but the Bands are RIGHT ON!

Love the body sculpting bands so much so that I purchased all seven resistance levels! I will say that the resistance levels seem to feel much lighter than listed BUT that be slightly fixed by adjusting your foot spacing and/or distance from the anchor points. I would classify the "ultra heavy" as just heavy and the "heavy" as "medium" and continue on down the line. I wish they offered 12" versions of the entire sculpting line as this would be exactly what I would need for dumbbell bench presses and flyes. The latex on these tubes seems to be really high quality and the feel is spectacular when stretching. The outer sleeve is the closer on the deal as it offers me the confidence that my eyes and face are protected from the unlikely event of a snap or break. The customer service is par excellence and the fact that these bands are made here in the US is an added bonus!

Wow! What a great review. Thank you so much for this feedback.
Just a bit of information about our resistance levels- the resistance is measured at about 90% stretch per the industry standards, so if you aren't doubling them up or stretching them to the full length I can see where it would feel one level lower. However, we LOVE to hear the feedback and will pay close attention during the testing they endure before leaving our facility to assure the bands are accurate when it comes to resistance levels. I will also pass along the 12' recommendation to the designer. Thank you so much for your feedback!

Fit Cords Best I have used.

I am a aging body builder,trying to keep the parts working and these are best exercise bands I have used. I was glad to see the quality and construction of these bands right from the start. I am using these in my workout routine and continue to be pleased with how they are performing.

We are so happy you chose our bands and that they get to be a part of your continued workout plan. Thank you so much for leaving this review John. We appreciate it.

Great product for an excellent price

I have been using these bands to superset with barbell work. Love how the resistance ramps throughout the movement.

Thank you so much for leaving this review Michael, and thank you for providing our customers with another way to use our bands. We appreciate you.

Very well made products.

Excellent quality. Made in USA.

Thank you so much for leaving a great review B.M. We appreciate you.

The best purchase I could have made

I’m a 72 yr. Old retired law enforcement officer.who was not getting enough exercise in the winter snow blowing. Since I got the fit cord set with the ultimate door mount I have been tricking and working out my muscles every other day. The innovation lessens the workout time and the difference is felt. After using my fit cord set I gave a set to my Grandson who has been scoring hockey hat tricks every game as a high school Junior. I gave it to him on his Birthday with two exercise and workout books which included a workout with Resistence bands for hockey. I also included an eating to kick up hockey performance book. His academics are way above average. Thank you Fitcord for being innovative and an American made company. I also share my set with my Down Syndrome son who is Wrestling fan. We workout on opposite days.f

Wow Craig, thank you so much for this review. We are happy to be able to provide you a safe way to stay healthy in the winter months. We appreciate you.

Love it!

This product is great to use!! Thanks!!

We are so glad you love our product Laurie. Thank you for the review.