FitCord Resistance Band Review page, a place where our customers can leave us both good and bad feedback on our products. While we do offer many diffrent products, our base produt is our bungee style covered Resistance bands for Exercise and Rehabilitation to improve your fitness level, and this page is a collection of the feedback on all different types of those products. Read the reviews, leave a review and share them if you want to.
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Fit cords

They work great.

Great Product

I own a CrossFit gym and my members were asking me to get these bands. They've been using them non-stop and love them. It was a great purchase for our box!

Good stuff!!!

I recently received the two pack of X-over bands, and they are good quality, quickly shipped, and are great for my workouts. Will purchase more soon!

We are so happy you love our product and we look forward to doing more business with you! Our bands have been tested by a third party laboratory and last more than 150,000 pulls, so this band should last a long time. We have so many other products made the say way, you should check those out as well.
Love It

I have the 12lb green cords and love them. I have bought no name ones in the past and they broke. These are great. Shipping was quick. Terrific product.

X Over bands

I purchased the X-Over band sets from 7lbs to the 55lbs. They work great for warm up exercises before hitting a workout. I even use the heavier bands for a safer version of pec flys and face pulls!
Great product and I recommend them to anyone that want to add more variety in their home gym workouts.

Excellent Quality

Excellent value and quality.

Great product

Helped with a shoulder problem.

Great for shoulder and back strengthening

I actually bought several of the bands - the 3lb, 7, 12, 18, and 25. All are great for particular exercises (I am using the Crossover Symmetry model which has great instructional videos). The light band really helps establish proper form and mind-muscle connection. Sometimes the heavier bands force you into poor form, depending on your level of strength. I have shoulder issues, so hoping that over time this will help me strengthen my shoulders, back, core, etc. Very happy with my purchase.

Great Bands

They look great I hope they come out with a 100lb band but great bands overall.


Straps are of great quality and work well with the system

Love my FitCord!!

Great workouts with my FitCord! I do not have to worry about it snapping. I love the material on the outside of the tubing! Thanks FitCord!!

FitCord Resistance bands

Bands work great. Love the protective wrap around the cord so if it breaks it stays within the protective wrap.

FitCord Resistance Bands 2-Pack (7lb/18lb)
Love it!

It's a great product--the second one I bought, and the next step up from the first one. If my strength increases as it did with the first one, I may go up another step. The band supplements the weights I use and seems to address muscles in a different way. Band is not flimsy and arrives quickly. Worth purchasing!

Resistance Bands

Tim, received those resistance bands the end of last week that I ordered from you. So glad I got them in the 6 foot length. I must say they are top notch quality. The protective sleeve very impressive. I figured they would be some cheap crap. I've already used them a couple times. Thank you and thank your employees so much. You all should be very proud to produce a quality product made in the USA. Thanks again Bob Rhoades

Best bands and fantastic company

This is one of instances where you get more than what you invested in a product. The fit and finish are far superior and unparalleled to any of the other cheap resistance bands. The X-Over resistance bands are the standard bearers for all other bands to be judged. I came across these bands after being dissatisfied with a set of cheap resistance bands and I cannot say enough good things about these bands. The carabineer, safety sleeve, and handles are robust. These bands have been put through the paces and they do not disappoint! Don't waste your time and coin with inferior products. Invest in quality! I also want to express my gratitude for the company's generosity in sending me another set of resistance bands. I ordered the 5 pack bands and one week later I did not receive the product. I received a tampered package and I contacted World Wide Fitness. Tim promptly answered my email and I spoke to him over the weekend. He was very kind and generous to send me a replacement pack at no charge. His act of generosity has sealed my loyalty to them as a company and their products. In this day and age of cheap, massed produced goods, it is refreshing to see a company committed to manufacturing quality products and customer service. A company like this embodies the standards and ideals of the "Made in the U.S.A." label.

High quality bands!

Great for rehab and shoulder stability

Fitband medium

It is a little hard for me as far as tension at moment, but will work,up to it! Love light one and use it without problem.

High Quality Bands!

This one was a little to light for me but I can adjust it and make it work for me. These are high quality bands and worth the money! Glad I bought it!

... I leave few reviews

It defeats the purpose, but I leave few reviews. From a business owners perspective, I should be leaving reviews, good or bad, for everything, because thats what I think I want. However, the reality of it is that I do NOT want to waste my time on my device reviewing. Instead, I review only the produces/services that are in my top 3%. This is FitCord, above and beyond its competition. Their timers are second-to-none and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

Well made

It is pretty light on the resistance; I didn't really know if I needed to advance. I will be using this at first to become acclimatized to using a fit band and already ordered the next one up! Very well made

3# FitCord Resistance Band - Ultra Light

I am so glad I was made aware of this type resistant band. I had been using a stretch band which is not like using this resistant band. I got the 3# band and it works fine for me. I can do the exercises just fine with band. I use 3# hand weights so that is why I chose the 3# resistant band.

3 lbs FitCord Resistance Band-Ultra Light

Excellent stuff. I will buy another one.

Love my bands

Love my bands. I can really feel my muscles burn.

Great bands!

These are great bands to start with if you are new to using resistance bands and want something that is light to start with!

Excellent starter bands!

You will love the mild challenge these bands give you while using resistance bands! An excellent strength to start toning and defining your arms and muscles.

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