FitCord Resistance Band Review page, a place where our customers can leave us both good and bad feedback on our products. While we do offer many diffrent products, our base produt is our bungee style covered Resistance bands for Exercise and Rehabilitation to improve your fitness level, and this page is a collection of the feedback on all different types of those products. Read the reviews, leave a review and share them if you want to.
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As advertised

This is my third set of bands I've trained with and they are heads and tails superior to the brands used before. I cannot see using anything but these bands going forward. They feel like smooth consistant tension and realistic resistance such as a 25lb rating actually feeling like 25lbs. I do about a 50/50 split between using bands and dumbbells in a workout. So I've got a good feel when switching back and forth between exercises such as arm curls.

The investment is worth it hands down compared to the less expensive options.

Michael, thank you for the review, and thank you for giving FitCord a chance. We appreciate you noticing the quality we put into our bands and we are so excited to have you as a customer.

X-Over Bands

I bought the 18# X-over band to use in a core pole class I take with other seniors. I really enjoy the workout and the bands are well worth the money. I highly recommend this product!

Thank you for the review of our X-Over Band Taryn.
What an interesting way to use our bands.. that is very cool.

Love 'em!

Great work out!

Thank you so much for leaving this review David!


Great anchors!

Thank you Greg!
Thank you for leaving us this review as well.

Decent Tubes with great stretch and feel

I've had these bands (bought all seven) and decided to go with another brand as such but recently returned to them just to change up my routine for a few weeks. These have a really nice stretch although the colored rubber/vinyl sleeves/boots on each end have never stayed in their proper position from day one and that can be a royal pain! My biggest concern was not so much that the outer stretchy band covering will fail but rather the connection points that hide under the colored boots. The black sheath cord covers would prove useless if the break happened at the end connections and separated from the caribiners. All this to say that I have enjoyed using them these past few days and despite the hassle of trying to pull the rubber sleeves back down below the caribiners on a few of them, its a decent quality product. The resistance numbers seem a bit overestimated vs what they truly feel like but that's ok since I go by feel and NOT the numbers.

TD, thank you for the review.
This is an issue we haven't heard before. We hand seal those ends and quality check them afterwards when we hand stretch them before bagging, so this is an unusual case.

Could you please email us with image and your order number so we can address this? This is not typical of our bands at all, and would like the opportunity to correct whatever the issue was with your bands.

Living Fit Loops
Ilene Rosner

This product is great! I use this for my therapy exercises it really does the job. This product is awesome.

Thank you for this review Ilene!

Resistance Bands

I love this product. I have all of them from 12-55 x over bands plus the over the door straps. I'd highly recommend this along with free weights. This amazing product has kept me going when the gyms were closed. I'm still using them to this day!

Ilene, thank you so much for this review. These bands are a great addition to free weights, or even for use instead of free weights. We are so glad we were able to help you get through the pandemic and give you a permanent solution.

Missing piece

I didn’t receive the attachment band with the d-ring ???

HI Henry,
We realized there were a few of these that went out without the anchor, and immediately sent them out (before this review was left). We apologize for the mishap and have corrected it.
You should have already received the anchor. Please consider updating the review, I would love to know what you think about the product, now that the anchor issues has been resolved.


This bundle is THE bundle. I ordered these when I trained clients at their homes, I ordered these when I trained clients in my facility, I order these for patients to use in my clinic, and I order these for patients to take home and use to rehab, rebuild, and strengthen. This bundle is a go to staple in my life. I recommend these, and all of the Fitcord products, as an essential component to your fitness equipment.

Bren, thank you so much for being a valued customer and for sharing this awesome review. We love to get reviews, but they are so much better when they are designed to help our other customers. We love when our customers share how they use our bands with each other.

Excellent for physical therapy

I have been using these to rebuild my back muscles following lower back surgery to insert a MinuteMan device. I learned about them from my physical therapist.

Robert, we are so happy to be a small portion of your recovery. Thank you for leaving this review.

Resistance Band

Good product. Ideal for someone just restarting an exercise program after having surgery.

William, thank you so much for leaving this review.

Fantastic Resistence Bands

I have all sizes of X-Over Resistance Bands, from 3 lbs up to 55 lbs and all in between. I'll never buy any other bands. The ones from FitCord have been great. The handles are comfortable enough, the resistance is consistent, and the build quality is great. I like the outer sheath in case one of the bands straps (though that hasn't happened to me). Overall, a great value for the price and what you get. Will only buy bands from FitCord going forward. I personally use them with a Sorinex short band peg attached to my 3x3" weight rack. It's truly a fantastic and versatile setup.

Michael, thank you so much for this review. We really love hearing when someone is happy with our product.

Good product, but...

Bands are good quality, but no exercises are included. I know other band products include an exercise chart or link to exercises. None were included with the set I purchased. A little disappointing.

Luis, first of all, thank you for leaving this review.
We are working on an exercise chart for these bands, however we are being careful not to include exercises that could cause injury. We prefer you consult your Physical Therapist if you are using the bands for rehab, but we should have a workout guide later this year that we feel will be safe for EVERYONE, even those with injuries. I will make this free to download on our website when it is available.
Please join our newsletter so you know when that happens. Thanks again for the review.

These are great!

Purchased the squat rack version, and it has been great so far! Also purchased the 55lb bands to have the full range. Planning to use these for shoulder mobility and endurance for surfing and swimming. I think I will look into the other attachment methods to be able to take these on the go as well. Quality seems great!

Spencer, thank you for the review! We appreciate you very much.
If you want to use your X-Over Bands on the go, check out our Hinge Anchors-
They are very versatile and work great on the go since you can anchor them around just about anything.

Power rack anchors

Excellent product so far. Exactly as advertised.

Jason, thank you so much for leaving this review. We appreciate you very much!

Better than expected

Well made and feel like thay will last a while. Good quality Fast shipping too!

Thank you so much for leaving this review Kathryn, we really appreciate it.
And those bands should last you years.

Living Fit Loops
Margaret Carey

These loops are perfect for my yoga for healthy aging class

Thank you for the review Margaret. We appreciate it.

Fantastic stuff.

I love these and use them everyday. Whether it’s before strength training or heading out for a run or going surfing. Love them!!!

Thank you for the great review Jeffery!
We are so happy you love the bands.

Durable cords!

I have had 2 of the lighter resistance bands for a couple of years, and they have held up wonderfully despite being used 2X per week. When it was time to get some 40lb cords I knew which brand I wanted.

Awesome! Thank you for the review Richard.
We have seen an average lifespan of 5 years or more with our bands, so those should be good for a few more years, if not more.
We look forward to your 40lb band order. Keep up the good work on your workout schedule, you will get there in no time.


I was disappointed that a instruction sheet or a list of exercises were not included with the bands.

Gary, thank you so much for the review.
We are currently working on a workout page for these bands. Our company is focused on Safety and because you can injure an already injured shoulder so easily, we want to be cautious about the exercises we recommend when using the X-Over bands. We prefer you work with your Physical Therapist or Doctor if you have a shoulder injury instead of following a basic guide. This is to keep our customers safe from injury.
Unfortunately, this process is time consuming, but we hope to have one soon.

Living Fit Loops
Robert Chilcott
Great quality

Bought the AMERICAN made Living Fit Loops. Proud to buy a quality product produced in the USA. Thanks for a great product

In the effort to be transparent, this item is an import. We searched for months to find a manufacturer in the USA for these bands, but sadly there is not one and we make bungee style resistance bands (which are made in the USA).

This item was added due to the overwhelming requests we received from our customers. This is not an item we will always offer.

I appreciate you leaving this review and can't wait until you try one of our U.S. Patented resistance bands so you can see the true quality of American Made Products.

Living Fit Loops
Anders Gustav Bjørnsen

a "mini" band like all others, good size, good reistance variations betwee the bands.

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review Anders.

Great Quality Competitive Price

Quality is as good as the leading brand and price is much more competitive. Also they are the only with a 55lbs band

Thank you so much for leaving us a review on this product Raymond! We appreciate it.

Awesome customer service

I bought 2 pairs of cords in July and have used them almost every day since. One cord had to get replaced recently due to internal damage and I live outside of the US. No questions asked i got a full replacement and within days i was back in action. Excellent service & products.

Thank you for the review Ian.
It is our pleasure to replace the band for you. We make our bands here in our facility from raw materials have made specifically for our company and while it doesn't happen often at all, there are times where the raw materials look fine but fail once the band is used. This is just part of manufacturing, but we try very hard to prevent that from happening. Thank you for being patient about the entire situation.

Fit Cord resistance bands 3 pack

These resistance bands are excellent quality and well made . Would recommend this product to anyone looking to purchase resistance bands.

Thank you for the review Anthony, we really appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.