Body Sculpting Band Home Gyms

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Body Sculpting Band Home Gyms

$136.00 $150.00 sale

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Product description

Stackable Resistance Exercise Band Home Gym with Handles, Cuffs, Wrist/Foot Straps, Bag, and Anchors

Unlock the power of resistance training with FitCord's Band Load System, the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your home gym journey or a seasoned athlete seeking versatile resistance options, this system has you covered. Elevate your fitness routine with FitCord's elite Body Sculpting Band Load System. Whether you're toning, sculpting, or building strength, this system is your key to success. Don't settle for less – invest in the best and achieve your fitness goals with confidence. Get yours today!

Experience a range of adjustable resistance to target various muscle groups and intensify your workouts. Achieve your fitness goals with ease and efficiency.

Our body sculpting system includes everything you need for comprehensive upper and lower body exercises. No need to purchase additional accessories - it's all here!

The system features cuffs, straps, anchors, and handles for a versatile workout experience. Plus, our custom-made Band Wrap and a convenient carry bag for easy storage and portability.

Trust in the durability of our American-made bands, designed to withstand the toughest workouts. Independent laboratory testing confirms that these bands last over 150,000 pulls!

The bands are protected with a durable covering, ensuring they stand up to wear and tear. Say goodbye to worries about oil, dirt, and UV rays damaging the rubber.

FitCord's patented construction is engineered with your safety in mind, providing a secure and reliable workout experience.

All Body Sculpting Bands are 4ft in length (band portion only), offering ample room for a wide range of exercises and stretches.

Customer Reviews

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Kurt Brown
High quality Bands

Very impressed with every aspect of these bands. The clips, the safety covering, the weight markings, etc. These bands give you a wide usable range. Less expensive bands have a very short usable range where it will go from zero to max stretch. Note that these can easily stretch double their length, so since they are 6’, you could possibly be standing 12’ away from the anchor point if you don’t double them in half around the anchor point.

Kurt, thank you so much for the review.
Actually the bands you ordered are 4ft long with 3x the stretch. We have done the math for you, you can NOT overstretch these bands, the sleeve runs out before the rubber is over stretched. So, pull them as far as you need or want, you cant hurt them by doing that.
We appreciate your detailed review, and look forward to a long customer relationship with you.

Fixed order fast!! Great customer service, great bands, will be back!

Fixed order fast!! Great customer service, great bands, will be back!

Thank you for leaving the review A, we are happy to fix any issues that may arise with our customers. We appreciate you calling us to give us the changes to correct anything that went wrong.

jerry n
Five stars

Really good quality and also good customer service .
This one is replacing my original set that I have been using weekly for over 6 years . Worth the $

Thank you for the Review Jerry.
We love to hear from our long time customers because they can give a true review on how long our bands last. We really appreciate you sharing this with our new & potential customers.

John Klusek
Loving them so far

They’re pricy, but I’ve liked them a lot in the last couple weeks. Very high quality and with a few attachment points, I can hit a huge variety of exercises.

Thank you for the review John. We have had our customers say our bands are pricy previously, however after several years of use instead of months, they do typically see their savings over time. I hope you do as well.
Thank you for the review.


The fitcords are very well made and should last longer than regular fitness cords. I am glad to purchase Made in America products and these met my expectations.

Ellen, Yes your FitCord will outlast all others on the market for sure. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to prove that to you. Thank you for this review.