Body Sculpting Band Single (55lb) ULTRA HEAVY


Body Sculpting Band Single (55lb) ULTRA HEAVY

Product description

Ultra Heavy 55lb Stackable Strength Training Exercise Bands with Clips for Versatility

FitCord's Body Sculpting Bands are designed to be versatile. You have the same Safety Sleeve Technology™ as all the other bands by FitCord, but this band has a heavy-duty ring on each end with multiple accessories to assure you can use in whatever workout routine you do. Body Sculpting Bands are also stackable. You can clip more than one band at a time to the attachments or anchors providing you with more resistance. 

All Body Sculpting Bands are 4ft in length (band portion only)

This FitCord Band is designed for everyone. No matter what fitness program or exercise you are doing or plan to do, this band will give you the tension, safety, and flexibility you need to do it. 

    • Great Bar Resistance Bands
    • Popular Training Bands
    • Core Training
    • Pilates
    • Yoga
    • Crossfit
    • Build 6-Pack
    • Lose Weight 
    • Build Muscle
    • Tone Your Body
    • Hiit Training

    and much more... 

Attachments shown in images are sold separately.

This images shows the different resistance levels offered by Fitcord Resistance Bands. These levels apply to all styles of resistance bands.

American Made Resistance Bands, stackable with clips for full home gym workout

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Frederick Alcaka

The BEST resistance band I’ve purchased!!!

Wow Fredrick, that is a compliment. We really appreciate it. Thank you so much for leaving us a review.
We take great pride in the quality of our products and it makes us happy when our customers appreciate it.

Peter Marin
Better than the rest

only takes one look to see the difference and one rep to notice how much better these are than the competition. You get what you pay for!

Thank you so much for leaving us a review Peter.
So happy you appreciate the quality of our bands. We work hard to provide the best bands for the money you pay for them.

Bristol Coté
Amazing bands

First of all I want to mention how amazing the staff at Fitcord was at responding to my question about delivering up to Canada. Within literally 3 minutes they’ve found a solution and was so friendly. I was looking online for a quality resistance band set. There’s so many crap bands out there that hurts the skin or snaps, usually made in crappy cheap overseas manufacturers. Fitcord is honestly high quality and has gone through rigorous testing, well thought and did not go cheap and sell out to overseas companies. Hence you get an excellent quality product that you can feel and be proud of owning. This is the best purchased I’ve ever made and I’m so excited to use it tomorrow after the excellent training I had today with it. Assembly was a snap as well.

Thank you so much for leaving this review Bristol. I knew you were going to love these when we spoke. I am so happy you are pleased with them, and I hope they fulfill all of the things we discussed in our conversation. Thank you for taking the time to call, taking the time to leave this review, and becoming a FitCord Customer.

Daniel Lonergan
As advertised

Great product design

Thank you so much Daniel.

Great bands

Great bands

<p>Thank you Jason!</p>