FitCord Facility Bundle- Mini Boot Camp


FitCord Facility Bundle- Mini Boot Camp

Product description

Resistance Band Exercise Class Bundle-Keep your Clients Safe with These American-Made Bands

FitCord Resistance Bands are premium resistance bands that are Made in America and feature our Anti-Snap Safety Sleeve Technology to protect you and the band! Easy to setup and use, our resistance bands allow you to take the gym with you wherever you go and get the strong, toned body of your dreams.

All FitCord Resistance Bands are 4ft in length (band portion only)

  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured with proprietary commercial-grade dipped latex
  • Features a soft fabric Anti-Snap Safety Sleeve
  • High-quality foam padded handles
  • High tensile strength Polypropylene thread
  • Free workout manual with each purchase
  • Compatible with the FitCord Door Anchor(sold separately)
  • Rated to last over 150,000 repetitions in independent lab tests

    FitCord Resistance Bands come in two lengths 4ft and 6ft. The 4ft FitCords have a max stretch of 16ft, while the 6ft FitCords have a max stretch of 24ft. 6ft FitCord is recommended for those over 6'4".

    5 Very Light (7lbs)FitCord Resistance Bands

    5 Light (12lbs) FitCord Resistance Bands

    5 Medium (18lbs) FitCord Resistance Bands

    5 Heavy (25lbs) FitCord Resistance Bands

    5 Very Heavy (40lbs) FitCord Resistance Bands


      American Made Resistance Bands are exercise bands safe