Perfect Therapy Band Bundles

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2 Pack

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Perfect Therapy Band Bundles

$32.00 $36.00 sale

American Made

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Physical Therapy and Rehab Applications

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2 Pack

4 Pack

Full Set

Product description

Rehab and Workout at home with SAFE American Made Products! 

Introducing FitCord's Perfect Therapy Bands – Your Ultimate Solution for Rehab and Physical Therapy! 

Experience the therapeutic benefits of FitCord's Perfect Therapy Bands and take your rehab and physical therapy journey to the next level. Whether you're recovering from an injury, enhancing your mobility, or simply looking to improve your strength, these bands are your perfect companion. Order now and witness the transformation in your fitness and overall well-being!

*FitCord Perfect Therapy Bands are 20" long and have a max stretch of 60".

FitCord's Perfect Therapy Bands are premium-grade resistance bands specially designed for rehab and physical therapy purposes. Also known as Mobility Bands, they are engineered for optimal performance and safety.

These bungee-style bands feature large loops on each end and a covered resistance tube in the middle. Their unique design allows you to target and strengthen various muscle groups, including legs, arms, core, back, knees, shoulders, and more.

With just 15 minutes of daily use, you can significantly increase your strength and improve mobility in the targeted area of your body. These bands are a game-changer for building supportive muscles and regaining mobility.

Perfect for individuals of all ages and abilities, including older adults, wheelchair users, post-op knee, shoulder, elbow, and back patients, handicapped adults, and children. The safety sleeve minimizes the risk of injury, and the easy-to-use loops are perfect for those who have difficulty gripping traditional handles.

Your safety is our priority. Our bands are equipped with Anti-Snap Safety Sleeve Technology™ to protect you and the band during use.

The large webbing loops on each end offer endless possibilities. You can slip your hand through the loop and grab the webbing, wrap the band around a stationary pole, table leg, or even put your foot through the loop. This versatility allows for a wide range of exercises and muscle engagement.

The Perfect Therapy Band provides both positive and negative forces on your muscles, aiding in the improvement of strength, range of motion, and the cooperation of muscle groups.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Christina Davis
Not what I expected.

I thought I was getting the ones advertised nor the ones my Dr has for practicing the strengthening skills. These ones have about 3 feet of stretch making them pretty useless for the activities my doctor wants me to do. Mine also do not list the lbs on the handles of the orange and green.

This band is the only one on the market, and may not fit every need for Therapy Type. I'm sorry this doesn't work for your needs. Did you reach out to us about this?

Brad Button
Work great!!

I ordered these straps to work my arms and shoulders and they work very well. Shipping was fast, quality was very good.

Brad, thank you for the review. We are glad you are happy with our product.

Kathryn Evenson
Better than expected

Well made and feel like thay will last a while. Good quality Fast shipping too!

Thank you so much for leaving this review Kathryn, we really appreciate it.
And those bands should last you years.

Andrew Bell
The Real McCoy

I have been using similar kinds of resistance bands (those that have survived, that is) for a few years. My new FitCord bands are way better. What is more, the level of personal attention that FitCord provided during the ordering process was way beyond my experience. Lori actually made the effort to call me in order to make sure that I had made the right choice of equipment. The thing about these cords is that they actually provide the resistance that they claim to provide so you have to be careful not to choose too high a level in the belief that these numbers are exaggerated. They are not. In addition, Lori was able to confirm, due to my height, that a 6 foot cord would be more suitable for me and for the specific kind of exercises that I was performing. Moreover, she saw to it that the order was put together and shipped that day. Since I have received them, they have given me a new lease on my exercise program. They are a pleasure to use. And I walk away from each session with that feeling of deep, good muscle fatigue that tells me that I have had a proper workout and spent my time wisely. What is more, I can feel the quality, and they promise to last a whole lot longer than my old ones although they cost me the same to purchase. I have already brought my wife on board (Lori helped me make that choice as well) and look forward to placing as new order as our programs evolve and we reach our next levels.

Thank you so much for leaving this review. I (Lori) am always happy to help our customers workout what the best product is for them. I am happy you found our customer service above average, as we try very hard to provide the best support we can for our customers. I am very happy you are pleased with the bands and excited you were able to get your wife onboard. We look forward to a long customer relationship with you both.

Jeff Rollins
Well made

These are well-made bands, perfect for rehab exercises. Make sure you get the right set, though - 18 pounds is a lot for many people, and that’s the lightest one in this set.

Thank you for the review Jeff.
Yes, unfortunately other companies exaggerate their resistance and it will catch you off guard when buying a FitCord, as our are accurate to the resistance level stated. Great advice for our customers. Thank you for providing it.