Resistance Band Hinge Door Anchors (Set of 3)


Resistance Band Hinge Door Anchors (Set of 3)

Product description

The Sculpting Band Door Anchor easily loops around door hinges and doorknobs for a secure hold. Clip the end of the resistance band on the door anchor attachment and begin your workout. For more exercise accessories, check out our X-Over door workout straps!

Customer Reviews

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E Carl Burrows
Very satisfied...

I am utilizing them it bit differently, using them as attachments to eye hooks I have stacked in a column in my home gym area. They allow me to easily and quickly change resistance cords and heights, with handles attached, and also provide a little more strength to the cord's point of attachment, which in turn, will give the cords longer "life". Really good product.

Carl, thank you so much for your review.
We are always excited for our customers to share how they use our bands, you never know when a customer will be inspired and improve their health simply by reading about how you use them. Thank you for that as well.

Constantine Skondras
Perfect fit

Fits in door hinge and holds well. great product

Thank you so much for leaving us a review Constantine. We appreciate it.

Julie Phillips
door anchors

These work well. The system is easy to use. Quality item!

I appreciate you reviewing each product you purchased. This is important for customers who only want to purchase 1 product. We appreciate you taking the extra time to do this for us Julie.

Kristy Farrell

Great to have on hand. Very useful for many purposes.

Kristy, thank you for leaving the review and telling others how versatile our product is.

Peter Sullivan
Door Anchors

Works great, attaching them to gym machine frames.