8 Benefits of Working Out With Resistance Bands

8 Benefits of Working Out With Resistance Bands

8 Reasons Resistance Bands Are Essential for Your Home Gym


With so many types of workout equipment available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best, most effective, safest, etc. option.

 The closure of gyms, health clubs and yoga studios due to COVID-19 led to an increased demand for at-home exercise equipment, and some studies predict that the home workout trend is here to stay.

 Home gyms allow anyone with a busy schedule to stay on track with their fitness, and these days, the growing number of fitness apps and digital classes available on demand make that easier and more convenient than ever.

 As you evaluate or outfit your home gym, consider what is most important to you. For example, is safety a top priority? Do you prefer to invest in higher quality equipment? How much space do you have available?


Don’t worry if you haven’t thought about these questions yet. If you’re still unsure about the equipment you want or what to consider in assembling your home gym, take a look at these eight benefits of resistance band workouts and why they make a great addition.


Resistance Bands Are Safe

One of the benefits of exercise bands is that they are safe to use on your own; no workout partner to spot you lifting heavy weights is required. They are also safer on your body because your muscles are in control through the whole range of movement. If you choose covered workout bands, you are further protected from injuries that can be caused by a band that snaps.


Resistance Bands Are Affordable

Considered one of the most cost-effective exercise options, resistance bands provide a full-body workout, and they carry a much smaller price tag than expensive weight machines. They can range from less than $10 to about $30 each, but keep in mind all exercise bands aren’t created equal. Invest in covered bands for added protection and those tested for quality and longevity.


Resistance Bands Are Effective

Working out with exercise bands won’t feel like the all-out effort of an aerobic routine, but it’s still effective at improving weight loss. That’s because the muscle tone boosts your metabolism. Muscle tone at rest burns more calories than fat at rest. As a benefit of resistance band workouts, just adding a bit of resistance training to your regimen two to three times a week can be effective at keeping extra weight off.


Resistance Bands Are Versatile

Mix up your workouts simply by changing the positioning of the band. You can stand on the band, attach it to a door, wrap it around a chair or perform exercises on the floor. That helps prevent your muscles from getting accustomed to the same movements, and the variety can offer a needed change to keep things challenging. These benefits of working out with resistance bands mean the exercise possibilities are endless!


Resistance Bands Take Up Little Space

If your home gym isn’t spacious or especially if you have a workout space that you set up temporarily, resistance bands are a great option because they take up almost no room. When you’re done with your workout, hang them on a hook or roll them up and stash them in a drawer for maximum convenience and to preserve as much storage or space as possible.


Resistance Bands Travel Well

You don’t have to skip your workout when you’re on the road. Since resistance bands take up little space, that also means travel well. They weigh a lot less than a set of weights. Slip them into your suitcase, and you can workout in your hotel room, even if you don’t have much time. The convenience of workout equipment that is small, portable and effective is a big plus! 


Resistance Bands Help Maintain Form

The control you have to use with a resistance band makes working out with them safe and effective, but more fundamentally, it helps you maintain and improve your form. With other equipment, it’s easy for momentum to take over, and when that happens, the muscles are not working. But the benefit of working out with resistance bands is that your muscles are in control throughout each movement, and they’re a good way to hold your body accountable.


Resistance Bands Are Suitable for All Fitness Levels

Whether you need to start with lower resistance to build strength and rehab an injury or advance to keep up with your fitness gains, exercise bands are available in various levels of resistance which can help you meet any fitness goal. Take note of your perceived level of exertion. When the exercises feel like they are easier, it’s time to take it up a notch. If you’re using them to rehab an injury, ask your physical therapist about when to change the resistance level.


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