X-Over Bands are a set of 2 Resistance Bands Made in the U.S.A, designed to cross over one another making an X shape. This design mimics the Cable Crossover Machine but removes the gravitational pull of the weights. What this means for you is that you receive consistent resistance throughout the entire rep because gravity is no longer a factor. When you use resistance bands instead of cables attached to free weights or machine weights, you get better results and have less strain on your joints

This style of bands has been used the last 10 years to build smaller supportive muscles such as Rotator Cuff & Scapular Muscles that stabilize your shoulders and upper back. This is especially important for Weightlifting, Crossfit Games, Free Weight Lifting, Reducing post workout shoulder pain, Self Rehab after shoulder strain and to increase the mobility in the arms and shoulders
Covered Resistance Bands are by far the safest style you can purchase and outlast the tube bands that are exposed to the elements.

Compare to Crossover Symmetry Bands- We offer a safer, American Made version of their bands that cost less, are made with laboratory tested U.S. Patented Design, and we manufacture them ourselves here in Gulf Shores, AL. 

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