FitCord Bonus Resistance Band Home Gym


FitCord Bonus Resistance Band Home Gym

Product description

Resistance Band Home Gym that Includes 6 American Made Exercise Bands with Handles, Anchors and Workout Guide 

All FitCord Resistance Bands are 4ft in length (band portion only)

FiitCord bands are high-quality resistance bands designed with your safety in mind. We cover the rubber tubing to preserve the integrity of the band for a longer lifespan and protection for you if the band breaks. We manufacture the bands here in the USA and use the highest quality materials so you get the highest quality product for about 40% less than other resistance bands of its kind. The covered bands are latex allergen-free since there is no contact with the band at all. This band is designed to be very versatile and can be used in over 100 exercises. 

This Resistance Band Home Gym is great for General Fitness anywhere. Because the Bands are lightweight and can be used with or without the anchor, they make a great travel companion. How many times have you been out of town for work or vacation and you have no access to a gym? Well, now you do not need one because these bands fit into a suitcase or briefcase easily. The No-Damage Door anchors also assure you can use them in any door without worrying about damage. 


Made in the U.S.A

Covered for Safety

Padded Handles are sewn into the Band

Easy to Travel with 

Workout Indoors or Outdoors

Offered in 7 Resistance Levels 3lb to 55lb 

Limited Lifetime Warranty





  • Ultra Light (3lb) FitCord Resistance Band
  • Very Light (7lbs)FitCord Resistance Band
  • Light (12lbs) FitCord Resistance Band
  • Medium (18lbs)FitCord Resistance Band
  • Heavy (25lbs)FitCord Resistance Band
  • Very Heavy (40lbs)FitCord Resistance Band
  • 2 Door Anchors
  • 1 Workout Chart


American Made Resistance Bands are exercise bands safe