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Start Resistance Band Training Today | FitCord Resistance Bands

You don't need a gym membership or expensive equipment to get in shape. Studies show that muscles respond to strength training with resistance bands just as well as they do to dumbbells or other types of equipment. It might be time to incorporate this type of training into your workouts and see the benefits for yourself. Here are just a few reasons to jump onto this fitness wagon that includes workouts using resistance bands:

  • They're compact, and can go anywhere with you.
  • They're great for all fitness levels.
  • They add variety.
  • They're affordable. 
  • They help increase coordination.
  • They help protect joints and muscles.

Making the switch from weights to bands is easy. Keep in mind, you can perform the same exercises as you do with free weights- the difference lies in positioning the band. The possibilities are endless and you'll find there are innumerable exercises and workouts available. A quick YouTube search will yield thousands of routine ideas.

Bands work much like a cable machine, allowing you to keep constant tension on the muscle. You also incorporate more stabilizer muscles to keep the band in alignment throughout each exercise, adding a different dynamic to the same old moves. With bands, the tension is constant, which makes it feel harder. When using weights, you know exactly how much you're lifting, but using bands, you can only go by how it feels and the tension on the band. That doesn't mean you're not getting a good workout, though. If you use good form and the right level of tension, your muscle fibers won't know the difference between weights or bands. Plus, bands offer more variety because you can create the resistance from all directions.When you get adept at using resistance bands you can take your training even further by adding weights to the band exercises. Using that combination will really boost your performance and results.

High-quality bands will last longer and withstand more usage compared to lower quality bands. FitCord Resistance Bands are rated to last over 150,000 repetitions. Safety is also just as important as quality. Our bands are covered with Anti-Snap Safety Sleeve Technology™, so you don't have to worry about direct contact with the rubber. You can focus on your workout without the worry of your band snapping and causing an injury.

Make the leap to resistance band training today by completing workouts using resistance bands. It's always best to shake up your workout routine by combining different fitness methods to keep your body guessing at what's coming next. After all, a well rounded fitness regiment will ensure bigger results and an overall stronger body.

By Olivia Garrett