Understanding Exercise Band Resistance Levels

What resistance band level should I purchase? FitCord Resistance Bands Breaks down the use for each of the resistance levels they offer.


Have you decided to incorporate exercise bands into your fitness routine? Great choice! But one more important decision comes next: the level of resistance you choose.

Resistance bands are everywhere, and they’re available in just as many colors (that correlate to tension level). Knowing where to begin with resistance band color/tension levels can be a considerable hurdle, but these tips should help.

For starters, you’ll need more than one exercise band since different muscle groups will need different levels of resistance. Aim to get at least three bands, light, medium and heavy.

Choose with comfort in mind, which will help make working out as enjoyable as possible. Look for resistance bands with padded handles. They’re more comfortable, and you won’t have to take them on and off to use different ones.

Finally, opt for covered exercise bands, which can do everything from keeping you safe if and when a band eventually snaps to protecting you if you have a latex allergy.

But back to the important decision mentioned earlier. Different manufacturers offer different colors and levels of resistance. This guide below will help you understand the concept of exercise band resistance and help guide you on the right FitCord band to choose based on your fitness level and goals.

Before we begin, the concept of resistance is an approximation of what the pull feels like. However, the actual force depends on how far the band is stretched.


These are FitCord’s resistance levels further broken down below: 


Yellow - Ultra Light - 3 lbs Resistance

Ultra Light Resistance Band Levels used for Beginners, Seniors and Rehabilitation

Just getting started? The ultra light covered exercise band is the way to go. Beginners may find the need to progress soon, but low levels of resistance are still ideal for warming up muscles before a workout. Ultra Light resistance is also a good starting point for anyone with limited mobility or in rehab to help increase mobility. 


Orange - Very Light - 7 lbs Resistance

Very Light Resistance Bands What are they used for?

Making progress? Great job! The very light resistance band is the next step for a beginner or for someone who has moved to the next level in the rehab process. As muscle strength increases, this band can be a nice option for getting the blood flowing before working out. When using for physical therapy purposes, always consult with your physician first!


Green - Light - 12 lbs Resistance

What do you used Light Resistance Bands for?

This is the ideal place to start if you’re active, but perhaps haven’t used resistance bands. It’s the lower end in the intermediate or medium fitness level category. You’re considered in the intermediate fitness level if you’re active in your daily life, such as if you work in your yard, play any kind of sports, hike, jog, or you simply stay on the go doing chores around the house. Starting here will help you build and strengthen muscle, and improve muscle tone.


Red - Medium - 18 lbs Resistance

Should I get a Medium Resistance Band to start off with? What are resistance bands used for?

Exercise every day? Then start with or move up to this level. This is the mid-range in the intermediate fitness category. Yes, it’s a little more challenging, but for the person who is active, does some form of exercise and is newer to resistance bands, medium resistance is the right place to start. It may not seem like much, but our resistance levels are accurate, and you’ll experience how effective our medium level bands are, especially when doing HIIT or longer workout sessions.


Blue - Heavy - 25 lbs Resistance

Do Resistance band levels match free weights levels? Which resistance level should I start with if I work out already?

The upper range of the intermediate fitness level, the heavy resistance bands are the choice for anyone who actively goes to the gym or participates in Crossfit, yoga, Pilates, P90X or HIIT training classes. Men generally start with this resistance, but women who are very fit choose it as well. Many people will find that they have to work up to this level, and it would be one of your fitness milestones you aim to hit, rather than the best level to start your journey with.


Black - Very Heavy - 40 lbs Resistance

How can I add more definition to my muscles? How do bodybuilders get so much definition? Resistance bands, that is how.

Designed for the very fit user, our very heavy resistance bands are usually used by personal trainers, bodybuilders, CrossFit enthusiasts, CrossFit Games participants and others who are extremely fit. They’re also appropriate for anyone actively trying to build muscle, increase free weight lift ability, define smaller muscles, increase strength and more.


Purple - Ultra Heavy - 55 lbs Resistance

How do bodybuilders get so buff? How are people able to lift so much weight in the gym?

The ultra heavy band is our highest resistance level for the extremely fit person who lifts heavy weights, is very fit, and spends regular time at the gym daily or weekly. It offers a challenge even for those in the highest fitness level. Many bodybuilders use this band to warm up or if they are experiencing joint pain from lifting free weights, as it helps them maintain muscle mass.


Be advised this page is intended to provide suggestions to assist you in choosing a resistance level that fits your personal needs. This online quiz can also guide you in making the right choice. Still have questions before you buy? Contact us here!